Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bestselling authors Hotep and Voncele Savage Support HIPHOP AND BOOKS

Conversations Book Club is pleased to announce that two authors have vowed to use their books to financially support the work of the HIPHOP AND BOOKS project.

Bestselling author Hotep, whose books THE HUSTLER'S 10 COMMANDMENTS and HUSTLE WHILE YOU WORK have been nationally recognized, is donating $3.00 from each book sale through the organization to the Hiphop and Books initiative.

Likewise, Bestselling author Voncele Savage, whose book A LETTER TO MY SISTERS chronicles her journey through years of domestic abuse, is donating $5.00 of each book sale through the organization to the project as well. Savage and Webb will be working together throughout 2008 on a separate literary project that she is involved in with her son and daughter that will be released in the coming months.

Both Hotep and Savage have been actively promoting the work that HIPHOP AND BOOKS is doing to encourage reading and the importance of staying in school. Their financial backing will go towards securing lodging, transportation and venues for those involved in the tour that is taking place across the country.

"We are pleased to be working with both authors in our mission to encourage reading," says Hiphop and Books Founder Cyrus A. Webb,32. "They are among several authors that you will begin to see come forward to help us in this life-changing mission."

To find out additional information about Hotep, visit Voncele Savage's website is

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