Thursday, July 24, 2008

IT'S HERE: MS, LA and TN prepare to welcome Bestselling author Vickie Stringer!

MARK THE DATES: Conversations hosts author Vickie Stringer

Conversations & Vickie Stringer: July 24-26, 2008.

Conversations Book Club will host bestselling author and publisher Vickie Stringer IN-PERSON during the month of July 2008 with events scheduled July 24-25, 2008
11-1P.M. --- Meet and Greet/Booksigning @ Wal-Mart HWY 18 (Jackson, MS)
6-8P.M. --- Meet and Greet/Booksigning @ Borders (Metairie, LA)
FRIDAY, JULY 25, 2008
11-1P.M. --- Meet and Greet @ Richard Wright Library (Jackson, MS)
6-8P.M. --- Meet and Greet/Booksigning @ Borders (Memphis, TN)
"It is a pleasure to work with someone of Ms. Stringer's caliber," Conversations Book Club president Cyrus A. Webb said in a prepared statement. "She has added so much to the literary community through her own books and the authors she has published through Triple Crown Publications."
The successes and achievements of Stringer's novels, Let That Be the Reason, its sequel, Imagine ThisDirty Red, and the wide popularity of the Triple Crown Publications brand have garnered attention from prominent news media since Stringer ignited the Hip-Hop Literature era less than six years ago. In addition to being featured in The New York Times, Newsweek, MTV News, Publisher's Weekly, The Boston Globe, Vibe, Essence, Entrepreneur and Inc. Magazine, in April of 2005 Stringer and Triple Crown Publications became international as her novels were translated and released in Tokyo, Japan.
Thanks to the staff of Triple Crown Publications for helping put this history-making event together with Conversations Book Club. History will be made again since this is the first time that Ms. Stringer will have visited Mississippi. She will also be our special guest in events in MEMPHIS, TN and NEW ORLEANS, LA.
This promises to be one of those events you don't want to miss.
 For additional information, contact Berlinda White at 601.307.1851 or Cyrus A. Webb at You can find out more about Conversations Book Club by visiting
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