Friday, August 1, 2008

Conversations Book Club renews relationship with Books2Mention Magazine online

Conversations Book Club Founder and President, Cyrus A. Webb, is pleased to announce that he has renewed his relationship with Books2Mention Magazine!
Beginning August 1, 2008 you can once again find the "Conversations @ B2M" at (see below)
In the past Webb's interviews with Bestselling authors Dywane Birch, Jerry B. Jenkins, Monica Carter Tagore, Carl Weber, Jessica Tilles, Diane Dorce, C. Kelly Robinson, graphic designer Kristine Mills-Noble, author Terry Hill and poet Gary Mez Glazner--with tremendous success. (See and
To mark the return of this monthly author spotlight, you will find interviews with Bestselling authors Terrance Dean and Marcia Ann Gillespie on this month's link:
If you are an author who would like to be featured, contact Cyrus A. Webb at Information about Conversations Book Club can be found at

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