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Introducing Cyrus Webb's Amazon Storefront
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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bio about Executed Texas Inmate Uses Terror, Sadness to Teach Important Lessons

Bio about Executed Texas Inmate Uses Terror, Sadness to Teach Important Lessons

Contact: Cyrus A. Webb, Lead Publicist 601.896.5616

In September 1992 a violent inmate named James Demouchette was executed in Texas for the shooting death of an assistant manager and another man at a Houston pizza restaurant on Oct. 17, 1976. Now in 2009, his youngest brother, Jermnine Demouchette, has released a book that not only chronicles his brother's life but offers hope for young people that might be prone to follow in his violent footsteps. James Demouchette vs. the State of Texas is a revealing look into the mind of a violent man whose reputation in and out of prison earned him the moniker of being "Texas' meanest death row inmate."

"There is no question that James was an evil man," says Jermnine. "The account I give in the book attempts to take the reader into the mind of this sociopath, recounting key events in his violent history. There is also a comprehensive section of documents that shed light on his existence in prison."

In addition to the 1976 murders, James Demouchette was convicted of fatally stabbing a fellow death row inmate in 1983 and was sentenced to 15 years. According to reports, he was disciplined for beating and raping other inmates, stabbing at least two other offenders, twice set fire to his cell and stabbed two guards searching his cell.

(National recording artist Slim Thug seen above with a copy of James Demouchette Vs. The State of Texas at a recent red carpet event.)

To help get the message of the book out to the public, Jermnine Demouchette enlisted the services of publicist Cyrus A. Webb. "I am pleased to help share the message that Jermnine has outlined in his bio about his brother," says Webb,34. "The story is so personal, but I know that there are many people across the country that will be able to relate to some part of it and pick up on the lessons it conveys." (Webb also serves as the Lead Publicist for authors Norma LaVonne Smith "Hope, Change & Obama", Mark Eller "Traitor", T. C. Alexander "Consequences of Adultery", Grandmaster Eric O'Neal "The Legend of Lionman", Sherry Hill "The Marquise Hill Story" as well as t.v. personalities Derrick Hargrove & Nikki Shallwani from MTV's 50 CENT: The Money & The Power, and author/recording artist/actor Tray Chaney from HBO's The Wire. Webb was also the lead publicist for Corey "C-Murder" Miller's book tour DEATH AROUND THE CORNER.)

Webb is quick to mention, however, that the book is in no way glorifying the life and actions of James Demouchette. Jermnine explains this way: "The book will show young kids this is not the way you want your life to be, using drugs and hurting people. You will end up in jail are on death row like my brother for the rest of your life. I hope that they will learn from my family's experience, take control of their lives and be productive young men and women."

Jermnine Demouchette is also speaking from personal experience. After having his own run-ins with the law he looked at his life and saw that he wanted something better for himself and those around him. He believes that by sharing his story others will be inspired to take a second look at themselves as well.

The book can be purchased on or ordered at your local bookstore. Demouchette will join Webb in an event called ART, BOOKS & BEATS at the Comfort Suites Near The Galleria (6221 Richmond Ave. * Houston, TX 77057) on Sat. September 12, 2009 beginning at 2p.m. Admission is free.)

To schedule interview, booksigning events or speaking events with Jermnine Demouchette, contact Cyrus A. Webb using the information above.