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Introducing Cyrus Webb's Amazon Storefront
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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Conversations Book Club Presents The "Sylvester Stephens Trivia Contest"

Just in time for playwright and bestselling author Sylvester Stephens' return to Mississippi for the JSU Homecoming Booksigning Event on Fri. October 7, 2011, Conversations Book Club is pleased to announce that the author is sponsoring a "Sylvester Stephens Trivia Contest" for those who attend the event at Book-A-Millon (4950 I-55 N * Jackson, MS) that day from 5-7p.m.

It's very simple:

Answer the trivia questions about the author and his books below and qualify for a gift card prize! Three winners will recieve a $50 gift card provided by Stephens. Print the questions, get your answers and prepare to win something special from one of your favorite authors.

Sylvester Stephens Trivia Contest Questions
a. What was the name of Sylvester Stephens' first book?
b. What year was it published?
c. How many novels have Sylvester written and what are their titles?
d. Name the four generations of the Chambers' family in the novel, "OUR TIME HAS COME"?
e. In the novel, "The Office Girls", what was Ms. Virginia's real first name?
f. In the novel, "The Office Girls", what was the name of Michael's lifelong imaginary friend?
g. In the Novel, "The Nature of a Woman", what disorder did the psychologist, Johnny, suffer?
h. In the novel, "The Nature of a Woman", what prestigious award did the old recluse, "Patient Number Five", once win?
i. In the novel, "The Nature of a Man", what was Alicia's former and dream profession?
j. Here are six of the office girls' names, Alicia, Pam, Ms. Virgnia, Valerie, Susan and Wanda what are the names of the remianing office girls?

Remember you have to be present to win! Do your research today, bring your answers join the fun at Books-A-Million.

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