Sunday, March 24, 2013

Conversations Book Club Welcomes Author Blacc Topp

On Tuesday, March 19th Conversations Book Club President Cyrus Webb welcomed author Blacc Topp to Rankin County's Appetizers Restaurant (Pearl, MS) for a meet and greet and booksigning.

Blacc Topp is the author of The Hustle Chronicles. Webb was introduced to the talented author through bestselling author Treasure Blue. When Blacc made it known he would be traveling to Mississippi it was a given that Conversations would have to welcome him. Blacc was able to share not just his beginnings as an author but how he has made a conscious decision to change his life for the better.

"My mother was told I was going to be either a writer or a serial killer," Blacc Topp told Webb during the visit. She encouraged him to write down the stories roaming in his head. The Hustle Chronicles are part of that written therapy.

Blacc Topp shared with those in attendance at Appetizers Restaurant that he has been able to not only inspire others with his work but it's a personal accomplishment for him as well. Outside of writing music is also a passion of his, and each book that he sold came with a soundtrack featuring Blacc and other artists.

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