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Saturday, March 27, 2010

(Fri. March 26, 2010) Author Herndon Davis' Visit To MS: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

(Note: Due to a personal emergency, author Herndon Davis had to cut short the Mississippi leg of his events. This means that events scheduled for St. March 27, 2010 are being rescheduled for a later date.)

Shadow Play Entertainment and Conversations Book Club wish to thank those who made author Herndon Davis' visit to Mississippi a success. Though the author is a native of Alabama and has been to Mississippi before, this was his first visit to promote his new book REPACKAGED COMMON SENSE.

Led by Conversations Book Club President Cyrus Webb and For The People Productions President Stanley Clark, the day began at Peeples Middle School in Jackson, Mississippi. Thanks to the support of teachers like Mrs. Jacqueline Bolden, Herndon shared his personal journey with the students and tried to instill in them the importance of writing and telling their own stories.

"If you don't tell your story, then someone else will," the author told them.

He went on to share points that he hoped they would take away from his book and his visit. "Remember that you are not what other people say you are," Herndon said. "Don't accept the stereotypes that others try to put on you."

After leaving Peeples, Webb took the author by the Medgar Evers Public Library, the place where Clark and him founded Conversations Book Club in November 2006. Davis was able to meet some of the staff of the library that was there when the book club started and even posed with the statue of the library's namesake, civil rights leader Medgar Evers.

From there it was on to Morrison Academic Center where Davis, Webb and Clark were warmly greeted at the door by Mrs. Sterling, the school principal.
An eager group of students and instructors listened to Davis as he shared more of his own experiences in business and his journey to success. "It's hard work," he told them when one student asked what it was like working for yourself, "but it's my passion."

One of the most important points he tried to drive home to the group was the importance of not being led by the past. He rolled up one of his sleeves and showed the group a scar on his arm. "I got this in a fight on a school bus," he told them. "I remember the incident, but it doesn't hurt anymore. That's what we have to do in life. We might remember things that happened, but they don't have to hurt us anymore. We are not victims."

Mr. Davis also shared with the group the importance of planning for the future, especially if college is their goal. "The work begins before you get to high school," he said. "You have to start preparing now, and working with your teachers is a part of that."

ABOUT REPACKAGED COMMON SENSE: Repackaged Common Sense is a 13 chapter, 200 page spiritual guide book for individuals seeking career and business success by utilizing spirituality tools and techniques. The book speaks directly to career minded people-of-faith from all beliefs as it is written through the lens of universal spirituality and metaphysical thinking.

The book's author created the guide based upon his nearly twenty year career in corporate finance, human resources and media/PR as both an employee and now as an independent business owner. He credits his success to embracing new age spiritual concepts which he lovingly coins as "repackaged common sense."

Find out more information about the author and his new book at http://www.repackagedcommonsense.com.

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