Monday, May 17, 2010

(Mon. May 17, 2010) News From Shadow Play Entertainment

Since January 2010, clients of Shadow Play Entertainment have appeared in over 50 stories online and in print as well as on radio an tv programs. With Spring here and Summertime approaching, Shadow Play President Cyrus Webb is excited about what is in the works for the rest of the year as well as things yet to come. In this newsletter you will get a snapshot of current activities and ongoing projects.

* Shadow Play Enertainment's pride and joy, Conversations LIVE! Radio, is gearing up for it's 7th year of interviews and discussions in July 2010. To prepare, the program is taking a hiatus beginning Monday, June 7, 2010 until Friday, June 25, 2010. When the program returns it will continue to host Chef Bruce Tretter's "Quick and Easy Cooking", Herschel Dixon's "Weekly Sports Wrap-Up" and Gail Ambeau's "Fashion Forward". New to the line-up will be an exciting new program called "Inspirational Conversations" with Cyrus Webb and co-host Mary Gilder, author of A MISREPRESENTATION OF MYSELF. It will air live on Sunday mornings at 10:30a.m. EST (9:30a.m. CST/7:30a.m. PT) and include an musical selection, words of inspiration for the week by Gilder and either a guest or book selection from Webb. Look for more details soon at

* On Thursday, May 20, 2010, J. Nicole Spencer (author of SARAH'S SECRETS) will be an in-studio guest on The Angie Strader Show. Details are at or

* Ladies, are you looking for something that visually expresses the beauty you feel about yourself on the inside? Then fashion designer Gail Ambeau has something for you. Introducing Ambeau's Affirmations, and the first t-shirt, I AM BEAUTIFUL, is now available. See the shirt and get details at and purchase yours here:

* Throughout May 2010 and continuing throughout September 2010, a body of talented authors are "touring" the world with Shadow Play Entertainment through interviews, profiles and book discussions in what is called the Conference Call Conversations Tour. Visit for all the details about how you can "book" any of them today. You can also purchase their book directly from the site through Participating authors include Electa Rome Parks (DIARY OF A STALKER), Jermaine Demouchette (JAMES DEMOUCHETTE VS. THE STATE OF TEXAS), J. Nicole Spencer (SARAH'S SECRETS), Andre Johnson (YEARNING FOR CONTROL), Deborah Gary (TEENAGE MOTHER'S GUIDE TO SURVIVAL: Rising Above The Odds), D. D. Turner (CHRONICLES OF A HIP HOP LEGEND), Steve Hyppolite (A WARRIOR'S PASSAGE), Mary E. Gilder (A MISREPRESENTATION OF MYSELF), Mr. Mean Mug (TATTOO TEARS), Maria Stewart (LOOKING FOR CLOSURE), Mark Eller (TRAITOR), Gary Kaschak (LIFESTONE), Rita B. Davis (OVERWHELMED), Joseph Henderson (I DON'T WANT TO DIE ALL ALONE), Patricia A. Thomas (GOD REVEALS A MYSTERY), H. Michael Harvey (PAPER PUZZLE), T. C. Alexander (CONSEQUENCES OF ADULTERY), Dr. Diane Hassan (ANGELS AMONG US...EVEN IN IRAQ), DeLa Sandra McKnight (THE SPIRIT OF NEW ORLEANS) and Tray Chaney (THE TRUTH YOU CAN'T BETRAY).

* In May 2010 Cyrus Webb visited Mrs. Jacqueline Bolden's classes at Peeples Middle School in Jackson, MS to talk about who they are, how the world sees them and what their plans are for the future. The project was called "What Makes Me ME" and resulted in the students pouring out their hearts on paper for the world to see. Read their amazing stories here:

* Ever since USA Today profiled Cyrus Webb's forum on the Presidential election in 2008, his series "Cyrus Webb Presents..." has gotten national attention. Now with them being carried not only with in-person events but through his radio show Conversations LIVE!, people everywhere are paying attention and getting involved. See which conversations you missed and what's coming up at this link:

For more information about any of the above, contact Cyrus Webb at or 601.896.5616. You can also find out additional information at or

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