Friday, March 30, 2012

Conversations' 10 Best Poetry Books For 2012

by Cyrus Webb

As someone who appreciates the power of the written word, I am always looking for others who are putting pen to paper and giving the world something great through prose. I might not always agree with what is being said, but I can appreciate the skills and the gift that the author had.

Since April is National Poetry Month Conversations Book Club and Conversations Magazine wanted to present its choiceds for best poetry books to add to your collection this year:

* "Utter Magic" by April Mahoney (A Good Person Publishing)

* "God,Seed" by Rebecca Foust and Lorna Stevens (Tebot Bach Press)

* "BRAGN: Be Real and Great Now" by Zenaida Roy-Almario (BRAGN)

* "Dusting the Glass" by Nancy Kaye Dobson (Xlibris)

* "Nigger For Life" by Neal Hall, M.D. (unknown)

* "Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia" by Patricia Neely-Dorsey (Grant House Publishing)

* "Looking Into Your Voice" by Cathie Borrie (Nightwing Press)

* "Praise Poetry and Propaganda" by Janicfe E. Groves Todd (Unlock Publishing House)

* "REFLECTIONS: Thoughts, Passions, & Truths" by Ya Ya Z. Badasu (Passionate Writer Publishing)

* "While There Is Still Time" by Terrell Dunnum (Tate Publishing)

Want to share your own poetic favorites? Would love to hear about them! Contact me at Your choices might be featured in an upcoming blog post or even in Conversations Magazine!

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Anonymous said...

I just wanted to offer a book suggestion to you entitled, "Man of Few Words" by Fabian M.C. Kuykendall. Over 300 pages of original poetry on almost every topic imaginable. I gaurantee it's unlike anything you've ever read!