Friday, March 30, 2012

Conversations' 10 Dog-Gone Great Books For Spring

by Cyrus Webb This time of year I am known to focus on books that have themes that are of interest to me and that I believe others will enjoy as well. Not surprisingly I have been reading alot of titles over the past several months that have man's and woman's best friend as its focal point. That's right: this list is going to the dogs!
As you will see this list includes fiction and non-fiction books, giving something for everyone. Make sure to add one or more of them to your own reading list and feel free to let me know what you think. * "Charlie" by Barbara Lampert (Langdon Street Press) * "Mr. Pish's Woodland Adventure" by K. S. Brooks (Cambridge Books) * "The Dog Who Knew Too Much" by Spencer Quinn (Atria Books) * "Your Dog Is Your Mirror" by Kevin Behan (New World Library) * "Miracle Man" by Robert Haas (Bascom Hill) * "All I Know About Management I Learned From My Dog" by Martin P. Levin (Skyhorse Publishing) * "Bad Dog (A Love Story)" by Martin Kihn (Pantheon Books) * "Cujo" by Stephen King (Penguin Books) * "Erik's Hope" by Andrea Chilcote and Sara Burden (Crimson Oak Publishing) * "Goodbye, Friend" by Gary Kowalski (New World Library) Have your own favorite title featuring dogs? I would love to hear about it! Email me at It might be featured in an upcoming post or in Conversations Magazine! Happy reading!

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