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Introducing Cyrus Webb's Amazon Storefront
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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Conversations LIVE! Radio w/Derrick & Nikki coming in May 2009!

When Shadow Play Entertainment unveiled Conversations with C. A. Webb in 2004 on the radio dial through WMPR 90.1 FM, it was with the mission of having its host introduce the world to those who were making moves in the worlds of the arts and entertainment. When the show began to air on the ABC television affilliate in 2005, the same mission was accomplished with incredible support. The show has interviewed hundreds of authors and other creatives and has been nationally recognized for its uniqueness and professionalism.

However, when the radio show left the airwave in 2008 and resurfaced through Blogtalkradio to a nationwide audience it had the same mission but a different name: Conversations LIVE! Radio. "I had been the face of Conversations since the beginning," says Webb, 33. "I knew that eventually I wanted to bring others into the family and let them build their own audience and make the show their own."

That time has now come. Shadow Play Ent. can now confirm that Conversations LIVE! with Derrick & Nikki will debut in May 2009.

Derrick Hargrove & Nikki Shallwani burst on the national stage in 2008 on the MTV reality show 50 CENT: The Money & The Power. Webb will serve as Executive Producer of the new show that will focus on celebrity news, entertainment and interviews with movers and shakers throughout the country.

"The two of them have so much personality," says Webb. "I know that their fans will enjoy their new partnership as well as new listeners as well." He will continue to host the 12p.m. edition of Conversations LIVE! Radio, however Nikki and Derrick will take over the 8p.m. CST edition.

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