Monday, September 1, 2008

Conversations and Hiphop and Books to be recognized in USA TODAY

Conversations Book Club has found itself on the cutting edge of the way discussions are being held, and the proof has been in the thought-provoking forums it has been hosting 2008. Using its partnership with its sister program Hiphop and Books, respected panelists from all walks of life have come together to discuss issues that matter to people of any community.

In August 2008 the fifth panel BLACKS AND OBAMA: A Vote of Conscience, Conviction or Color? received national attention, sparking interviews with ABC and even the USA Today. The panelists tackled the complex topic with an open mind and willingness to listen to a variety of viewpoints while feeling respected in their own choices.

Look for the USA Today to run a feature article involving Conversations' panel discussions as this historic Presidental election nears.

Conversations Book Club and Hiphop and Books Literary Campaign wish to thank the Clarion Ledger Newspaper, The Jackson Advocate Newspaper, The Mississippi Link Newspaper and ABC's 16 WAPT for their coverage of our events.

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