Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Laverne Cox of VH1's "Work For Diddy" talks w/Conversations (Listen here)

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Missed our exclusive one-hour interview with Laverne Cox of the hit VH1 show "I Want to Work For Diddy"?  (Listen here!)
During the broadcast she talks about what it was like growing up, why moving to New York was important for the growth of her career as well as what she hoped to accomplish by interviewing for the job of Diddy's assistant. Laverne also addresses some of the things that have been written about her, the conflicts she seemed to have with candidates Boris and Poprah and what is on the horizon for her now.
Click on the player or the link below to listen to the Laverne Cox of VH1's "I Want To Work For Diddy" talks with Conversations LIVE! show

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