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Introducing Cyrus Webb's Amazon Storefront
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Friday, December 5, 2008

CBC Report: Author Joseph F. Henderson featured by

Conversations Book Club and Shadow Play Entertainment is pleased to announce that author Joseph Henderson (I DON'T WANT TO DIE ALL ALONE) was recently interviewed by our literary partner Joey Pinkney at (see below)
joseph henderson headshot i dont want to die alone book cover

Here is an excerpt:

"Joseph, the sixth child of nine children, describes a sad but shockingly true story of growing up on the streets at a young age. After a life filled with crime, drugs, money, cars, and women, Joe realizes that life and time is catching up to him. He shares with the readers his days of living in below zero temperatures in Michigan with no heat; nightly pit stops through ice and snow to raid the supermarket garbage dumpsters. He talk of feasting on goldfish, turtles, and mallard ducks from the neighborhood park pond.

"Journey with Joe as he tells an all out, no holds barred tale of physical, mental, and sexual abuse. He tells of living in a household where discipline consisted of holding encyclopedias in each hand while balancing on one foot and whippings with electrical cords, brooms, two-by-fours, and garden hoses. After being shot on a street corner, later escaping a drive by shooting, then the subsequent brutal murder of his sixteen year old brother, feel the passion with Joe, as he explains several suicide attempts his family never knew about.

"Feeling he would 'die all alone,' Joe makes a desperate and emotional attempt to apologize and ask forgiveness from family, friends, and foes that suffered during his reign of torment." To read the full interview, visit this link:

Joseph Henderson's memoir I DON'T WANT TO DIE ALL ALONE was also chosen as one of Conversations' "Top 100 of 2008" and he is a member of The Best of Mississippi Class of 2008 for his literary contribution. In 2009 he will be a guest judge and make history as being part of the literary reality show "The Write Stuff" ( . To find out more about the author, visit

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