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Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Years from Conversations Book Club!!!

For many of you 2008 will be starting when you read this email, but I
didn't want to let 2007 get away from me without sharing with you how
much I appreciate all of the support you have given me this year.

We have much to be thankful for in the literary world. Many new authors
have joined the ranks, and some of our favorite authors continue to give
us books that we can't help running to the stores to purchase.

For me, 2007 saw the fulfillment of an idea that has mushroomed into its
own entity---and for that I am thankful. I was able to bring readers
together in person with over 30 authors this year---without charging one
cent. This made history among book clubs nationwide, being the most
authors a single group has been responsible for in one year. That also
means a great deal to me, because that allowed people to see and
associate with authors that otherwise they wouldn't have had the
opportunity to meet.

In 2008, however, Conversations will be going above and beyond---offering
freebies throughout the year that even the most casual of readers will
want to be a part of.

In the next 12 months, I will be introducing you to an astounding 60
authors ( 38 women and 22 men) LIVE AND IN PERSON, many of whom are
bestsellers that have never been in Mississippi, Memphis, Montgomery or
New Orleans before. I will also be moderating a series of forums
throughout the year as well as the 2nd Annual Statewide Book Club Meet &
Greet--- again, each being free and open to anyone and everyone.

The challenge, then, is with you. Will you be an active participant in
the opportunities ahead, or will you sit on the sidelines focusing on
what could have been? There will be 60 authors coming in 2008--- how many
will you meet?

I leave the answer up to you, but I hope that you will take advantage of
every literary opportunity that comes your way.

As always--- Enjoy your day. Enjoy your life. Enjoy your world. And
please, enjoy 2008. Believe me: the best is yet to come!

Cyrus A. Webb, President
Conversations Book Club

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Bring the New Year in with Conversations in January 2008


After a history-making first year, Conversations Book Club has major plans for 2008...and no matter where you live, you have the opportunity to take part. The following is our schedule for the month of January 2008 and includes all of our events. Make sure to save this email for future reference and bookmark our main site: http://www.thebestbookclub.info:

*     Wednesday, January 2, 2008, 6p.m. CST --- C. A. Webb will hold a live discussion of his novella DESTINY'S CHILD at the Richard Wright Library in Jackson, MS (515 McDowell Road * 601.372.1621)

*     Thursday, January 3, 2008, 6:30p.m. CST --- C. A. Webb will hold a live discussion of his novella DESTINY'S CHILD at the Pearl Public Library in Pearl, MS (601.932.2562)

*     Saturday, January 5, 2008, 11-5p.m. CST --- Conversations Book Club will host "Book Lovers Day" in Tupelo, MS (Quality Inn and Suites (1011 North Gloster St. * Tupelo, MS 38804) There will be a special meet and greet from 1-3p.m. with Bestselling author Shelia E. Lipsey

*     Tuesday, January 8, 2008, 6p.m. CST --- live taping of "Conversations LIVE!" at Barnes and Noble in Jackson, MS. Joining us via conference call will be bestselling authors Jerry B. Jenkins and Kevin Weeks.

*     Wednesday, January 9, 2008, 6p.m. CST --- C. A. Webb will be discussing his novella DESTINY'S CHILD at Richard Wright Library (601.372.1621) in Jackson, MS.

*     Wednesday, January 11, 2008, 7p.m. CST --- Join Conversations at Barnes & Noble for the "Conversations Hour, talking about your favorite authors and books;

*     Tuesday, January 15, 2008, 6p.m. CST --- live taping of "Conversations LIVE!" at Barnes and Noble in Jackson, MS. Joining us via conference call will be bestselling author Pat Simmons.

*     Thursday, January 17, 2008, 6p.m. CST --- Conversations will hold its monthly discussion group at Pearl Public Library discussing the topic "Should Love Ever Hurt?"

*     January 18-19, 2008 --- Bestselling author Lacricia Peters (author of GIRL, NAW) will be joining Conversations IN PERSON. See http://www.thebestbookclub.info for all the details.

*     Friday, January 18, 2008, 7p.m. CST --- Join Conversations at Barnes & Noble for the "Conversations Hour, talking about your favorite authors and books; our special guest will be author Lacricia Peters.

*     Saturday, January 19, 2008 --- Join us for the debut of our "Conversations Book Club * New Orleans". We will meet every 3rd Saturday at 1p.m. at the Comfort Inn & Suites Downtown (346 Baronne St.). For our first meeting we will be joined LIVE AND IN PERSON by Bestselling author C-Murder (author of DEATH AROUND THE CORNER) and Lacricia Peters, and joining us on the phone will be bestselling author Wahida Clark (THUGS AND THE WOMEN WHO LOVE THEM).

*     Sunday, January 20, 2008 --- INSPIRATIONAL CONVERSATIONS meets every 3rd Sunday at 6p.m. at the Subway Restaurant in Pearl, MS (3000 HWY E). We will be reading BROTHERLY LOVE AND BETRAYAL by Daphine Glenn Robinson.

*     Tuesday, January 22, 2008, 6p.m.CST --- live taping of "Conversations LIVE!" at Barnes and Noble in Jackson, MS. Joining us via conference call will be bestselling authors Che Parker and Allison Hobbs.

*     Wednesday, January 23, 2008, 6p.m. CST --- The Cut Society Book Club will be reading STREET FAME by K. Elliott at the Richard Wright Library in Jackson, MS.

*     Thursday, January 24, 2008, 6p.m. CST ---C. A. Webb will be discussing his novella DESTINY'S CHILD with the Subway Conversations Book Club in Pearl, MS at Subway (3000 HWY 80 E)

*     January 25-26, 2008 --- Bestselling author L. A. Banks will be visiting with Conversations LIVE AND IN PERSON

*     Friday, January 25, 2008, 7p.m. CST---  Join Conversations at Barnes & Noble for the "Conversations Hour, talking about your favorite authors and books; our special guest will be author L. A. Banks.

*     Saturday, January 26, 2008, 1p.m. CST --- Join us for the debut of our "Conversations Book Club * Montgomery". We will meet every 4th Saturday at 1p.m. at the Quality Inn & Suites (2705 E. South BLVD * Montgomery, AL) For our first meeting we will be joined LIVE AND IN PERSON by Bestselling author L. A. Banks.

*     Monday, January 28, 2008, 6p.m. CST --- Nonfiction Conversations Book Club returns to the Pearl Public Library to discuss FROM PIECES TO WEIGHT by 50 Cent.

*     Tuesday, January 29, 2008, 6p.m. CST --- live taping of "Conversations LIVE!" at Barnes and Noble in Jackson, MS. Joining us via conference call will be bestselling author Rodney Lofton, author of THE DAY I STOPPED BEING PRETTY.

For more information, contact Cyrus A. Webb at 601.896.5616 or via email at cawebb4@juno.com. All the information is available through our main website at http://www.thebestbookclub.info.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

REVEALED: Conversations' "Most Fascinating Author of 2007"

From The Desk of Conversations Book Club President Cyrus A. Webb:

"Absolutely fascinating.

"That is the only way I know to describe the author who helped Conversations Book Club begin its journey as a leading authority in the literary world. After all, thanks to our literary partner TRICOM PUBLICITY (http://www.tricomweb.com), he was the first author who we hosted in 2007, beginning what would be a whirlwind first year for our book club.

"Though he only spent one day with us back in January 2007, his visit is still talked about today. There are so many ways to describe him: Bestselling author (New York Times and Essence), Publisher (Urban Books and Q-Boro Books), Visionary (the man behind the nonfiction publishing of Percy "Master P" Miller's book and Trailblazer. Think about it: out of the 32 authors we have hosted in 2007, six of them have worked with him or alongside him. And if you consider the 68 conference call discussions our book club has had this year with authors, 15 of them are published by him! To top that off, two authors who have nothing to do with his growing franchise (namely Travis Hunter and Wahida Clark) sing his praises as someone who helped them either break into the business or give them a boost to their careers.

"I remember the first time I spoke with him on the phone. I was doing an interview for Conversations Magazine, and it amazed me at how he managed to be both humble and confident about the success he had experienced. At that time, near the end of 2006, he was promoting a novel he co-wrote with another New York Times Bestselling author (Mary B. Morrison). As we go into 2008, this individual has already set his sights on new accomplishments: a new book as well as a new series featuring Flynt, Michigan that is sure to put the world on fire.

"It is with great pleasure that I present to you my pick as "Most Fascinating Author of 2007", Bestselling author Carl Weber."

http://www.thebestbookclub.info   http://authorswelove.blogspot.com

Friday, December 21, 2007

Exclusive Video Interviews with authors by Conversations

Looking for something to watch this weekend about authors you have enjoyed or heard about? Then watch these special interviews provided by Conversations Book Club and our literary partner the PEG Network (Channel 18) in Mississippi.
Bestselling Christian Fiction authors Shelia E. Lipsey (INTO EACH LIFE an SINSATIABLE) and Daphine Glenn Robinson (BROTHERLY LOVE & BETRAYAL):
Exclusive interview with Corey "C-Murder" Miller about his blockbuster debut novel DEATH AROUND THE CORNER:
Jonathan Richardson, author of the thought-provoking nonfiction book THE COMPLICATED LIFE OF THE AFRICAN AMERICAN MAN
As always: Enjoy your day. Enjoy your life. Enjoy your world.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Celebrate 2008 with "Authors of Conversations": See how!

Want to connect with your favorite authors during 2008, either in person or via conference call? Then let Conversations Book Club help.
Currently the marketing side of Conversations is representing bestselling authors Doug Dixon, Shelia Lipsey, Craig Alexander, C-Murder and Lovell Brigham. (Visit http://authorsofconversations.blogspot.com)
Are you reading any of their titles and want them to be with you either on the phone or in person? Then contact Cyrus A. Webb at 601.896.5616 or via email at cawebb4@Juno.com with your date and the details of your request.
Conversations Book Club is committed to excellence in the arts, and looks forward to working with all organizations to help others get hooked on books.
Are you an author looking for representation? Visit http://authorsofconversations.blogspot.com for all the details and email us at cawebb4@juno.com with any questions.
Enjoy your day. Enjoy your life. Enjoy your world.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Author of "The Complicated Life of the African American Man" speaks

2007 has been such a poweful year for Conversations Book Club and its literary partners. One of the things we did this year was host our first nonfiction author, Jonathan Richardson, who wrote THE COMPLICATED LIFE OF THE AFRICAN AMERICAN MAN. During his visit, Conversations Book Club president, Cyrus A. Webb, sat down with him in an interview you will only see here!
To view this history-making event, click this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29BEa4a7n8U
Conversations Book Club: Connecting readers with authors everyday.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

BREAKING: C. A. Webb ushers in 2008 with his "DESTINY'S CHILD"



From Alabama to Mississippi, DESTINY'S CHILD combines fact with fiction in C. A. Webb's newest journey


Contact Information:

Cyrus A. Webb




(NOTE: There will be a press conference to discuss the process behind his literary project on Friday, December 28, 2007. It will be held at the Richard Wright Library (515 W. McDowell Road in Jackson, MS) at 4p.m. It is open to the media and book lovers as well.)


MS author C. A. Webb releases the novella that everyone will be talking about for years to come. The true-to-life story of one man's journey from nothing to everything. Meet Kaleel Yant: C. A. Webb's most intriguing character to date.


"The character of Kaleel Yant was not a real stretch for me," Webb, 32, confides. "Kaleel is me, but he is also so many others that I have seen who have strived for success and came up with what they sought after and more."


Kaleel Yant is a man that begins a company that has tentacles in the worlds of the arts and business. Through DESTINY'S CHILD, you will see the ends and outs of man whose desire for something could cost him everything. He is the no-nonsense creative out of Montgomery, AL that finds himself following his dreams as an artist and entrepreneur. His ambitions join him with Catha Ayers, a young woman who sees his vision and vows to help him carry out his plan to lead an artistic revolution in the South. She is attracted to his confidence and search for power, yet finds out too late exactly what he will do to end up on top.

Kaleel Yant's personal and public lives mesh and collide in a series of events that affects the lives of people in Alabama, Mississippi and soon the entire nation.


"He's a complex creature who gives so much to his dreams and finds himself running on empty sometimes," Webb explains. "There is no handbook to the course that he sets out on. Everything is based on his being true to himself."

Set between Alabama and Mississippi, "Destiny's Child" will leave you wondering what is real and what is imaginary in this tale that questions the various degrees of passion and what one man will do to experience them all.


About C. A. Webb:

C. A. Webb has been a supporter of the arts for over a decade. He has contributed to articles for the Clarion Ledger Newspaper, Jackson Advocate, Mississippi Link, Blagazine.com and Books2Mention Magazine. He is the President of the Rankin County Arts Alliance and a board member of Genesis and Light and Kindling Spirits. He has won praise for his work with the arts, and in 2005, Millsaps College recognized him as one of the most influential people in the city of Jackson (MS).


 Apart from being an author, Webb is also a radio and television show host, public speaker and a poet. In November 2006 he began Conversations Book Club, a literary organization that now has seven chapters in Mississippi as well as a chapter in New Orleans, Montgomery and Memphis.


DESTINY'S CHLD will be made exclusively online and through select locations beginning January 2008 and retails for $5.00. It is the first chapbook release under Shadow Play Publications' "Shorts" selections. For details about Webb and his upcoming projects, contact him at 601.896.5616 or visit http://cawebbonline.blogspot.com.


Friday, December 14, 2007

Conversations Reveals Its Picks For Its 2008 Roster

Hello all!
Before I reveal who Conversations Book Club has selected to discuss in its 9 book club chapters in Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all the authors and book lovers that has made 2007 a year to remember. To the authors: if your book wasn't chosen for the new year, it doesn't mean that it wasn't noteworthy. Look for additional books to be added to various listings as the year progresses.
To the authors who were selected, we look forward to discusssing your work over the next 12 months.
CONVERSATIONS BOOK CLUB (Barnes & Noble in Jackson, MS)
Nonfiction Conversations Book Club (Pearl, MS)
Subway Conversations Book Club (Pearl, MS)
Wednesday Conversations Book Club (Jackson, MS)
Inspirational Conversations Book Club (Pearl, MS)
The C.U.T. Society Book Club (Jackson, MS)
Conversations Book Club * New Orleans
Conversations Book CLub * Montgomery

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Conversations Snags Exclusive with Bestselling author Wahida Clark

On Monday, December 10, 2007 Conversations Book Club--- Mississippi's largest book club and literary organization---ended the year with its 68th conference call discussion, with one of the year's most influential bestselling authors: Wahida Clark.
The woman who has pen four bestselling novels (beginning with THUGS AND THE WOMEN WHO LOVE THEM) left her 6-month stay at a halfway house on Friday, December 7, 2007, after an 8 1/2 year prison sentence---and her first event was with The Best Book Club at Waldenbooks Metrocenter in Jackson, Mississippi.
She is a remarkable woman, grounded by her knowledge of who she is and what she represents. Wahida is first wife and mother, but she excels as a businesswoman in all she does. The writing career that has taken the literary world by storm only began in 2002 or 2003, yet you would think by the accolades she has received that she has been in the game for over a decade.
What led her to writing while in prison? Her answer was simple: "My husband was locked up, I was locked up and we needed money. People don't realize it, but it takes money to live even in prison, and I also needed money for my family on the outside." While in prison she worked in the law library, normally by herself, and she would do a great deal of reading during that time. It was during one of these occasions that she was reading XXL Magazine and read about an author who also had their beginning while incarcerated. "I said to myself that if he could do it then I could as well."
There was a literary agent who was also in prison that decided to teach a course on writing, and Wahida signed on. She wrote on legal pads and let others read it for input. They devoured the pages and were always asking for more. I asked her if she ever worried about not being able to make it in the business. "I knew I would get published," she said confidently. "My work was going to see the light of day."
At that point we had to reflect on the career that she has which is still foreign to her. "I have only been out a few days. I've never done a booksigning or met with fans. This (the interview with Conversations) is the first thing I have done. To me it is like I am just getting started."
Who inspired her before she wrote what became THUGS AND THE WOMEN WHO LOVE THEM? "I read everything from Donald Goines, Iceberg Slim to James Patterson." When asked who she was initially writing for, she answered that it was the hood market. "My husband told me that if I was going to do this that I had to do my research. He told me what was popular: thugs, drugs and pimping."
Not long after writing her book, Wahida happened to read "Married Men" by Carl Weber. She noticed that he was getting praise from critics and writers alike so she decided to reach out to him. "I wrote him and told him that I had just finished writing a book and wanted to know what I should do next. He asked me to send him my manuscript. It was from there that he submitted the book to Black Print Publishing. They told me it was too big so I would have to cut it down. The publisher ended up splitting the book, and that manuscript became THUGS AND THE WOMEN WHO LOVE THEM and EVERY THUG NEEDS A LADY."
Wahida told us that she can still remember the first time she saw her name on the cover of a book. "I was in Lexington, Kentucky and it was mail call. Some of the ladies on lock down with me had ordered some copies, and they had come in a big envelope with about seven or eight books in there. It was like 'Wow, this is my book.'"
Little did she know that readers all over the world were wowed by her as well.
After her relationship ended with Black Print, Wahida---with the help of her literary agent----was signed to a deal with Dafina, an imprint of Kensington. Ironically, becoming a label mate of Carl Weber, the author who helped her get started in the industry. Her other titles include PAYBACK IS A MUTHA and THUG MATRIMONY.
Today Wahida's focus is not only her own career as an author, but helping others as well. She has begun her own literary agency to groom new authors, and she is now signed with Warner Books. I mentioned to her that in one interview she said that her writing is meant to entertain. She stood behind that, but added that her agent likes the fact that there are consequences to the things that her characters do. "Once I start writing and get in their heads, they take on a life of their own sometimes. If you get a message from what I write," she said, "then that's wonderful."
A workaholic in every sense of the word, Wahida is working on the 4th book in the THUGS series as well as what she calls her "crossover" book. "I want to get some of those James Patterson" dollars," she told us with a laugh. Also in the works is an anthology with author Kiki Swanson and her novel PAYBACK WITH YOUR LIFE. Robin Garder, a member of the book club asked Wahida if she had thought about writing her autobiography. "People have asked me that," she answered, "but I honestly hadn't thought about it."
With everything that she has been through in the last decade, Wahida related that she can't even look at her jail time as a bad thing. "I can't say it was a negative. Without it there is no way I would've written a book."
When asked what authors have been on her reading list, she told the group that they are diverse as the rest of her life: James Patterson, Guy Johnson, Maya Angelou, Omar Tyree, Dean Koontz and Nikki Turner. Ironically, it was Turner who gave Clark the title of "Queen of Thug Love Fiction." I asked her was there any pressure with titles such as that or "bestseller." Wahida's answer was short and to the point. "I really don't think about that, not as long as I can back it up. It's flattering, but it just means that I have to stay on top of my game everyday."
As we wrapped up the discussion, Wahida was asked what advice would she give those who say they have a story in them. "I would tell them to write. I have had people tell me that they have five books in their head. What I tell them is they need to put them down on paper, because they aren't doing you or anyone else any good while they are just in your head. Do your research and make sure it is the best it can be."
And what did Wahida have to say to her growing legion of fans? The bestselling author actually became emotional before answering. "Thank you so much for your support. Thank you to everyone who wrote me, telling me how much they enjoyed the books. It meant so much for me to get that encouragement."
The future is bright for the author who had no intention of being a writer, but whose literary star is one of the brightest on the market at this time. She has a fan base that at this point is hard to fathom, and has made an impact that will probably take some time to wrap herself around.
One thing that is clear at this point, however, is that Wahida Clark is a fighter in every sense of the world. She is not one to allow her circumstances to define her, but the lives she has introduced us to through her characters will remain with us for years to come.
To find out more about Wahida Clark, visit her on-line at http://www.wahidaclark.org or http://www.myspace.com/wahidaclark.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

CBC Report: Bestselling authors Gregory B. Williams & DeiIra Collard, Mission Accomplished

Thank you to everyone who came out to support our authors this weekend. Bestselling authors Gregory B. Williams and DeiIra Collard enjoyed themselves as they moved from place to place, participating in events in Hinds and Rankin County.

The day began at the Pearl Public Library, where once again Jennifer Vess helped us have a productive event.

From there it was on to the Richard Wright Library in Jackson, MS where members of the Savvy Book Club came by to show their support as well as others--thanks in part to the continued support of Ms. Debra Gilbert.

We had a slight break before we headed to the Subway Restaurant for our book discussion and poetry event. Author Voncele Savage was with us for the day, and it was great to hear her share her experiences.

It was a perfect end to a great weekend---and we have made two lifelong friends with these two.

Please continue to support these authors when you are ordering books online as well as in bookstores.

To get more information about Gregory B. Williams, visit his website here.
For information about DeiIra Collard and her book, you can visit the link here.

CBC Report: Author DeiIra Collard, Day One

Conversations Book Club wishes to thank everyone who made day one of author DeiIra Collard's first visit to Mississippi a complete success. This is the last stop on her tour that has taken her from her home in Houston, Texas to all over the U.S. this year. Her book LOVE, LUST AND A WHOLE LOTTA DISTRUST is striking a chord with men and women alike.

The day began with a visit to Crystal Spring Elementary School and Crystal Spring High School. Collard spent over an hour at each location, talking about her book and then answering questions about her writing career, how she got started and what led her to write the book that now has many people in DeiIra's life asking if they are included in the exciting debut.

After having lunch with Elementary School Principal (and book club member) Cheryl Haynes, we were off to the Pearl Public Library in Pearl, MS. There Collard met with Reference Supervisor Jennifer Vess and toured the library where Conversations Book Club holds two of its monthly meetings.

From there it was on to the Jackson Advocate Newspaper to meet with Publisher Alice Tidale and staff writer Christian Vance. Vance will be writing a review of the book in the next coming week. Look for us to post it online at http://www.thebestbookclub.info when it becomes available.

From there it was on to Northside Library in Jackson, MS to meet with James, the branch manager and then to Willie Morris Library where the staff was "teased" about the book and encouraged to get their copy soon.

At 4p.m. Richard Wright Library was the next stop for the author. She was met there by dozens of patrons, selling books to interested individuals and striking up several conversations.

The day ended with an hour-long discussion at Waldenbooks Metrocenter in Jackson, MS. Book lovers who may have come to the store with another book in mind were able to add LOVE, LUST AND A WHOLE LOTTA DISTRUST to the titles they will be reading in the upcoming days.

A full day for an author who is as humble as she is talented. Look for her to be busy in day two when she will be joined by Bestselling author Gregory B. Williams on Saturday, December 8, 2008 who will be donating 100% of the sales from his books to the family of the slain JSU student, Latasha Norman.

For a listing of the Saturday schedule, look below:
SATURDAY, DECEMBER 8, 2007 (with author Gregory B. Williams)
12p.m.---Booksigning @ Pearl Public Library
2-3:30 p.m. --- Book Signing @ Richard Wright Library (Jackson, MS)
6p.m.--- Book discussion @ Subway Pearl --- 601.936.4803
7p.m. --- Reading during Spoken Word Saturdays @ Subway Pearl

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Conversations Presents... "2007: A Year of Words" (Thursday, December 6, 2007)

Whoever said "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" wasn't expecting a year like 2007. Many of the hot button issues that have been brought to light over the past 11 months have had to do with words---and it is for this reason that Conversations Book Club wants to discuss it.

We are pleased to invite you to attend our town hall-style forum: "2007: A YEAR OF WORDS." This will take place on Thursday, December 6, 2007. Moderated by Conversations' President, Cyrus A. Webb, the distinguished panel will discuss some of the topics that have made 2007 a year we won't soon forget.

See the details below:

Richard Wright Library
(515 W. McDowell Road * Jackson, MS)

* Voncele Savage --- Minister/Author
* Diane Johnston --- Bible Teacher/ Missionary
* Jokah the General --- Hiphop artist/activist
* Dana Hampton --- Mother/ Retail Supervisor
* Stanley Clark --- Promoter
* D.J.Downsouth --- Producer/ Hiphop artist
* Darden North, MD--- Physician/ Author
* Cheryl Haynes --- Elemenatary School Principal
Moderated by Cyrus A. Webb, Conversations Book Club President

6:05p.m. --- "What's In a Word?"
6:25p.m. --- "Suicide: Is it ever the Answer?"
6:45p.m. --- "Abuse: Should love have to hurt?"
7:05p.m. --- "Sex, Drugs and Violence in Entertainment: How much is too much?"
7:25p.m. --- "Are we locking up our freedom of speech?"

Admission to each session is free. For more information, contact Robin Gardner at 601.664.8805 or email Cyrus A. Webb at cawebb4@juno.com. You can also visit http://www.readingmylips.com.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Bestselling authors Kendra Norman-Bellamy & Brittney Holmes--- MISSION ACCOMPLISHED

(If you missed out on the first day's activities, then click here.)

Thank you to everyone who made the historic visit of Bestselling authors Kendra Norman-Bellamy and Brittney Holmes to Mississippi a success. I typically get so much credit for arranging the events, but they would be nothing withoutall of the loyal book lovers and fans that come out to support.

On Saturday, December 1, 2007--- World AIDS Day---we began the day with Rose Wright, President of the Savvy Book Club. She escorted us to our first four stops of the day: a meet and greet at Northside Library, meeting fans at Willie Morris Library and then a booksigning at Barnes and Noble. Thanks to the management of Barnes and Noble for their continued support as well. We look forward to working with them more in the future.

From there it was on to Waldenbooks Metrocenter where we met many more individuals who were fans of both authors, however, the highlight for me was an exchange between members of the book club "All That Jazz" in Jackson, MS. One of the members passed by their table at Waldens, waved and then circled back around to say hello. After realizing who they were, she proclaimed that her book club had just read books from Bellamy's "Grace" series, and she immediately called her book club President. "Girl, guess who is at Waldenbooks," she proclaimed to her excitedly. "Kendra Bellamy, girl... Yeah girl, she here right now grinning in my face!" Within minutes the President, Vanessa, was at the library with a tote bag full of Kendra's books---and even both the only one of the author's ten titles that she didn't already own.

Brittney didn't fair bad herself. When we left the mall for the day she only had 3 copies of her debut novel LIVING CONSEQUENCES left. Those have been autographed---along with a few of Kendra's books---and are available at Waldenbooks Metrocenter.

From there we took a break to eat (finally) at the mall's food court before Mississippi author Voncele Savage joined us at the mall to take us to our final location of the evening: Subway Restaurant in Pearl, MS.

Voncele was one of three individuals being honored by the "Best of Mississippi" committee for our outstanding work in the community, and of course the conversation veered into her books and that of our speical guests. Also joining us was Q.U.E.E.N.S. of Mississippi Book Club President Adrienne Bailey and later Diane Johnston and Stanley Clark.

The evening concluded with excerpts of Kendra's and Brittney's books being read and Diane sharing a poem she had written as well as a song.

CBC Report: Bestselling authors Kendra Norman-Bellamy & Brittney Holmes--- Day One

It is with great pleasure that I report the first day of activities for Conversations Book Club and its hosting of Bestselling authors Kendra Norman-Bellamy and Brittney Holmes.

The day began at 9:30a.m. with the authors and book club member Robin Gardner in Crystal Springs. Our first visit was to visit the 600 students at the elementary school before speaking to 3rd graders about how to pursue their goals and dreams. As always school principal and book club member---Cheryl Haynes---made us feel welcome.

From there it was on to the Crystal Springs High School where the authors sat down in an intimate setting with the Creative Writing and Public Speaking class, headed by Mr. Chad Bradford. This was an excellent opportunity for the authors to discuss their writing careers as well as how they come to develop the stories they write.

After an energetic Q&A session, we were back at the elementary school for lunch with Ms. Haynes and the students there before heading to the Jackson Advocate Newspaper to meet staff writer Christian Vance who will be writing a review of both IN GREENE PASTURES and LIVING CONSEQUENCES.

At 1:30p.m. we were at the Pearl Public Library for a meet and greet. Though it was a slow day for them, we were able to meet some of the patrons as well talk with the supervisors about ordering copies of their books for the library---which they happily agreed to do! Thanks to Jennifer Vess for your continued support.

At 3:30p.m. we were at Richard Wright Library in South Jackson for a meet and greet/signing. It was great to see some new faces as well as some familiar ones---including members of the Savvy Book Club!

At 5:30p.m. the authors were off to their booksigning/discussion at Waldenbooks Metrocenter Mall in Jackson, MS. This was our final event for the day, but was full of tidbits about the authors, their inspiration and how they feel about the publishing industry.

Another great start to a history-making weekend... and with a full schedule of events planned for Saturday, December 1, 2007---this is only the beginning.

For details about where you can find the authors on Saturday, December 1, 2007, please call Robin Gardner at 601.664.8805 or email Cyrus A. Webb at cawebb4@juno.com.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Betselling author KaShamba Williams: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED

Thank you to everyone who came out to show support of Bestselling author KaShamba Williams' trip to Mississippi this weekend.
We had a blast, and as our 27th author to host this year, we tried to do all we could to make the visit one she would remember.

We began day two visiting the bookstores in the city of Jackson. KaShamba was able to meet with the management teams at Barnes and Noble as well as Books-A-Million, signing books at each stop. (This is a hint that if you missed her at these spots you can get autographed copies.)

From there it was on to the Willie Morris Library where the Savvy Book Club was having their Thanksgiving dinner as well as a "3-for-1" with authors: KaShamba Williams and author Fon James in person and Bestselling author Francis Ray via conference call. Before we left the book discussion with Savvy we awarded them Conversations Book Club "Literary Achievement Award" for all they have done in the eight months since they were formed. (As always we thank Savvy Book Club for being a partner in our fight to encourage reading in Mississippi.)

The next couple of hours were spent at our final stop of the day--- Waldenbooks Metrocenter---and it was the icing on the cake. Many patrons were pleasantly surprised to meet the author behind so many of their favorite novels. You can get limited autographed copies of BLINDED, GRIMEY, DRIVEN, AT THE COURT'S MERCY, AROUND THE WAY GIRLS 2, GIRLS FROM DA HOOD 2, GIRLS FROM DA HOOD 3 and her teen book from our literary partner, Waldenbooks Metrocenter, while they last.

With the busy holiday season kicking into full gear, Conversations Book Club will host three other authors this month: Mississippi author Voncele Savage (Saturday, November 24, 2007) and Bestselling authors Kendra Norman-Bellamy and Brittney Holmes (Friday, November 30-Saturday December 1, 2007). Look out for their schedules at http://www.thebestbookclub.info and make sure to visit http://www.readingmylips.com
As always: Enjoy your day. Enjoy your life. Enjoy your world.

C-Murder gives Conversations his first tv interview in over 4 years... WATCH HERE!

Conversations Book Club is pleased to give you C-Murder's first television interview in over FOUR YEARS*. Taped in Mississippi at the P.E.G. Network (Channel 18), it is already highly praised in Mississippi. Now it is time for the whole world to see what all the talk is about.

To read about Conversations Book Club's decision to honor the book click on this link:

* Thanks to Tru Publishing for making this literary history possible.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Bestselling author KaShamba Williams: Day One

Since 2003 Bestselling author KaShamba Williams has proven herself to be a force to be reckoned with in the literary industry. She started off as a self-published author, but it wasn’t long before she was able to catch the attention of the power players in the publishing world. This is all fascinating when you realize that she never thought she would be an author professionally. Now she a publisher's dream---and a publisher herself!

Kashamba told Conversations that she was looking for a way to reach young women and men about life and the consequences of the choices they made. She decided the best way to do this was to write a book—and the rest is bestselling history.

A lot of what she writes is based on real life experiences (of herself and others), and for this reason Kashamba Williams says that “There is a story within us all.” For her writing is her way of trying to encourage people to be the best they can be. “People don’t expect you to do great things,” she explained. “It is up to us to show what is inside of us.”

What has her success done for her personally? The answer is astounding: “It’s not about selling books for me. It’s about changing lives.”

Publishers Triple Crown Publication and Urban Books have been singing her praises since the beginning, and the stories she has penned about lives out of control turning around have resonated with so many. Williams enjoys the writing, but she admits the down side is the politics of the business. “It can bring you down,” she told us, “but you have to remain true to who you are. If you can do that, then there is no limit to what you can accomplish.”

And with the track record she has amassed, it is obvious that she is taking her own advice.

On Friday, November 16, 2007 KaShamba Williams became Conversations’ 27th author to host in Mississippi as part of our “Read My Lips” literary campaign. Her new book MIND GAMES will be in stores everywhere soon. Her advice to others out there? "When God gives you something, don't hold back on it."

Williams' next project will be part of a Christian Fiction anthology called EVEN SINNERS HAVE SOULS, published through Urban Christian Fiction with Bestselling author Chunichi, Joy, Noire, B.L.U.N.T. and Nikki Turner.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bestselling author Che Parker, author of The Tragic Flaw

Che Parker is one of those authors who you just know will last a long time in the literary industry: he’s calm, cool and collected—and not satisfied with anything but success. His book, The Tragic Flaw, is something that all people can relate to, but not all will admit to seeing themselves within the characters.

In this frank discussion we touch on everything from his beginnings, race in the literary industry and why the adage of ‘reaping what you sow’ is all too true.

I was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri and although I've lived in Virginia for seven years I still consider KC home. I have a very loving and supportive family and I wouldn't be here today without them. I never know how much detail to provide so I'll just say that I really like cold beer, I love barbeque and I'm a really big fan of the Kansas City Chiefs.

I'm not sure my life has changed all that much at this point. I'm holding book signings and interacting with people a lot so that's all new. Having a new book out can definitely be a full time job with promotions, and signings and events. It's been fun, though. It's been a blessing.

My day job is in public relations for a very large company, so communicating with people is what I do on a daily basis. In addition to that my jobs have always had a writing aspect, be it as a journalist, or a staff writer, or a public relations professional. So I've been able to bring a professional writing aspect to my fiction. My undergraduate degree was in Communication Studies and I'm currently pursuing my Master's degree in Writing at Johns Hopkins University, so I'm constantly trying to gain more knowledge and perfect my craft.

What's interesting to me is that I just wrote. I just wrote what was in my heart and what was in my head. In fact there were instances where I had no idea where something came from. I didn't think about the audience or the genre or how the book would be categorized. In that way the first book is easier because there's no pressure, no deadlines and no specific expectations. I do think The Tragic Flaw is different than a lot of fiction out there because of what I bring to the table and how I approach the subject matter.

ARE YOU SURPRISED AT HOW YOUR BOOKS---AT LEAST I CAN SAY HERE IN THE SOUTH---ARE CROSSING OVER RACIAL LINES SIMPLY BASED ON THE STORY LINE? I can't really say I'm surprised. I think what surprises me more is that reading and literature is still segregated. Do we really need an African American section at the bookstore? We don't have a Caucasian section. Some people may say that it's helpful that we have a separate section, but I'm not so sure about that. I think when you have a section like that some people may avoid it because they may feel it's not for them. I think we're writers first, and we just happen to be black.

The Tragic Flaw is about one man's thirst for the power and the flaw that leads to his downfall. For me it's a modern tragedy with a twist. Basically you reap what you sow. The bad guys are cool and dangerous and the women are too.

When I was searching for a book deal I would often look at the Book section of the Washington Post and find out which authors would be in town for book signings or talks. I saw that Zane would be a Howard University's bookstore making a rare public appearance (at the time), and I decided to go check it out. Turns out her editor was also there, and we struck up a conversation about writing, submitting work, and so forth. I sent her my material and a few weeks later she e-mailed me saying that she loved it and that they were interested in publishing me. The rest is history...

Zane has an amazing fan base. It's primarily women but it's really diverse and they love her. With that being said, at signing events when Zane is present there will be crowd, and she has been great in promoting her authors and allowing us to shine and write material that's creative and true to us.

I'm working on my next novel now. Completely different characters and storyline. It's about how an ideal marriage can end tragically (I guess I have a thing for the dark side of life). But it's new characters, new setting. It will probably be based in DC or Maryland, but I'm still working on that part. And for the record it's not about my marriage (laughs). Just wanted to put that out there. I also enjoy writing short stories so hopefully I'll be able to pursue that one day.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME, CHE. IF READERS WANT TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT YOU, YOUR UPCOMING WORK OR JUST WANT TO SAY HELLO, HOW CAN THEY REACH YOU? Thanks for having me. Your readers can visit my web site at www.cheparker.com, or e-mail me at cheparker@hotmail.com. They can also check out my myspace page at www.myspace.com/ciceroday. Shoot me a note or send me a friend request.

Conversations Book Club: ONE YEAR OLD and going strong!


"Meeting with CBC has been a rewarding experience that I hope never to forget. The
members of CBC are remarkable! I loved all of the exposure and the many opportunities to experience the people of Mississippi. Thank you for your literary support and for your hospitality. I definitely plan on returning. Happy Anniversary CBC!"

--- Bestselling author Shelia E. Lipsey (author of INTO EACH LIFE and SINSATIABLE)

“To the man with the sexiest voice, congratulations on your one-year anniversary. Thank you Conversations Book Club for your support. May Conversations Book Club continue to thrive and enlighten readers for many more years to come.”
--- Desiree Day, Bestselling author of ONE G-STRING SHORT OF CRAZY and CRAZY LOVE

"Hello CBC! I couldn't wait to write you in order to say, "thank you." Each of you made my trip to Mississippi enjoyable. I have traveled many places promoting my novels and meeting with book clubs, but spending four days with you has been by far the best. My mother and I felt like we have known you forever. We were treated extremely kind, loving and considerate. It just doesn't get any better than that. I look forward to seeing you in a week or so. Remember that you never, ever know how you touch someone's life. Keep doing what you're doing. Keep moving forward. Keep being committed and keep on believing in whatever your God given talents may be. I am praying for each of you and for each book club. You have a great leader in Cyrus, even though he doesn't want his horn tooted, I still have to say 'beep, beep.' When I tell you that I love you and will cherish your kindness toward me and my mother forever in my heart, then I truly do mean that. Blessings to you and your family, and continued success with the book clubs!"
--- Bestselling author Shelia E. Lipsey, author of INTO EACH LIFE and SINSATIABLE after her first trip to Mississippi.
"Cyrus, the huge success of both of my visits to Mississippi were because of you. Your professionalism, your kind spirit and your patience made everything run smoothly. You have the gift of making others feel special and for that I am thankful. I left Mississippi with new found friendships, an ever greater love for the arts and of course one of the most fun-filled book events I have ever experienced. For those in Mississippi who are not members of this fine book club, now is the to climb on board and experience the thrill! Again, thank you Cyrus, thank you Conversations, thank you Mississippi!"

--- from Bestselling author Shelia E. Lipsey, author of INTO EACH LIFE & SINSATIABLE after her second trip to Mississippi.

"First of all let me start out by saying how grateful I am for all that you and Conversations Book Club has done for me as a writer. You guys are the best!!!! And when I hear stories like Kim and Dana's daughter I am inspired to do my best as a writer. And BTW...I've heard you talk so much about C-Murder's book that I'm going to have to purchase a copy:) Thanks for the support!"

--- Bestselling author C. J. Domino, author of SIDELINE HO

"Cyrus, I don't know how many ways I can say, "Thank you!" But, consider yourself thanked in every way that is possible. In addition to this interview which you presented so well the live interview I had with you,and your bookclub tonight was nothing short of amazing. The depths, and insights of tonight's conversation were just much more than I could have hoped or asked for. I ask a special blessing for you."
--- Bestselling author Evie Rhodes, author of OUT A ORDER & THE FORGOTTEN SPIRIT

"You did a first-class affair. I have and will continue to sing your praises to all of my literary colleagues. Your book club is a model for others to emulate."
--- Bestselling author Reshonda Tate Billingsley, author of MY BROTHER'S KEEPER & EVERYBODY SAY AMEN.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

"WRITERS ON-LINE" with Bestselling authors Shelia E. Lipsey and Daphine Glenn Robinson

Conversations Book Club President Cyrus A. Webb recently sat down with Bestselling Christian Fiction authors Shelia E. Lipsey and Daphine Glenn Robinson to talk about their visit to Mississippi. Both shared information about themselves, their books and what they hope to accomplish through the written word.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

C-Murder's Book DEATH AROUND THE CORNER recognized as "Book of the Year 2007"

Conversations Book Club has been making history in the literary world since its inception in November 2006. The book club has grown from just 3 members in November 2006 to seven chapter in November 2007. After being recognized nationally, hosting 26 bestselling authors in the last 10 months and talking with over 60 authors via conference call, it has proven that it is a force to be reckoned with the fight against illiteracy.

Now we are pleased to announce that our book of the year, "DEATH AROUND THE CORNER" (written by Platinum-selling recording artist/bestselling author Corey "C-Murder" Miller) will be discussed Wednesday, November 28, 2007 during the debut of Conversations' new book club, "The C.U.T. Society" (http://thecutsociety.blogspot.com). Immediately following the book discussion Conversations Book Club founder Cyrus A. Webb will recognize the book as his choice for book of the year.

The C.U.T. (Conversations Urban Teen) Society meets every 4th Wednesday at the Richard Wright Library (515 W. McDowell Road in Jackson, MS) at 6p.m., and is designed for those 17 and up who enjoy urban or street literature. The purpose is to get the reader to see the comparison between their lives and the characters---and see how we can use their experiences to better our own life. (Those under 17 may attend but must be accompanied by an adult or guardian.)

In October 2007 Conversations Book Club made history by being the first group to host Miller's events outside the state of Louisiana in promotion of the book which was released in December 2006. This feat was covered nationally in newspapers, online reports and newswires as well as FoxNews.

Prior to its release, Miller sold over 70,000 copies of the book DEATH AROUND THE CORNER through his myspace page, and the book has maintained a perfect 5-star rating on Amazon over the past 11 months. While he was in Mississippi, over 2,000 individuals attended events with Miller, and over 300 books were sold during the month of October 2007 alone in the state. While some in the media attempted to downplay the effect of Miller's visit to the state, it can't be denied that many saw this as a positive event that will always be remembered.

Webb hopes that the book being the choice for November 2007 will get others interested in the message that Miller conveys, and that it helps young people see how important it is to take responsibility for the choices they make in life.

Below you will find just some of the topics that Webb will be tackling that are addressed in the novel:

* Why is hate something that has to be addressed early in life before it festers and grows in ones heart?
* What happens after you die? Do we all have guardian angels that want to help us do what is right?
* When it comes to hiphop, can it break down the racial barriers that exist?
* To what extent do you show loyalty to those who you feel as though have been with you through the good and the bad?
* When we hear someone has bee arrested or charged with a crime, do we automatically assume their guilt?
* At what age should youth be educated about sex, pregnancy and how you get sexually transmitted diseases?
* When it comes to the truth, is everything always cut and dry--- black and white?
* The book has what is considered a "mercy killing" by some. How do you feel about it and can you understand the reasoning behind it?
* Is abortion ever a solution in a relationship between consentual adults? What if the two were using some form of protection and it failed?
* For Miller's main character, Daquan, how did music affect his life? Was music the answer to his living the life that his Grandmother would have been proud of?
* When it comes to the relationship between Daquan and Nut, why did things change and what does it show about those who we believe are closest to us?
* When it comes to people like Pam (one of Daquan's sexual partners), what does it show for the reason why some young ladies are quick to have sex with the "bad boy" or "rough neck" on the block?
* What lessons can we learn from Darryl? Macy? Jerome? Mickey? Mandi?

For more information, contact Robin Gardner at 601.664.8805 or email Cyrus A. Webb at cawebb4@juno.com. Purchase your copy of DEATH AROUND THE CORNER online at www.deatharoundthecorner.com

Sunday, October 28, 2007

CBC Report: Bestselling authors Pamela Samuels-Young, Fon James and Bridgette Collins, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

What a way to end the month! Conversations Book Club is proud to tell you that the final FULL WEEK of October 2007 is a BIG MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

We hosted events for bestselling authors Pamela Samuels-Young, Fon James and Bridgette Collins---with great success and support from everyone.

The highlight for me was our visit to Crystal Springs Elementary School (thanks to our book club member and school Principal Cheryl Haynes) and with Crystal Springs High School with author Bridgette Collins.

On Friday evening we had all three authors together at Waldenbooks Metrocenter discussing their triumphs and struggles in the literary world, as well as giving advice for up and coming authors. All three shared their personal experiences in writing their books as well as how they feel about being trailblazers in their respective genres.

On Saturday we spent the evening with Bridgette Collins and her mother at Spoken Word Saturdays, entertained by Lannie Helton and Diane Johnston on guitar and our Dance Minister Robin Gardner through dance.

There was no other way we would have liked to end such an eventful week.

Look for more to follow, including a slideshow of the weekend. As always, enjoy your day, enjoy your life. Enjoy your world.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Conversations Book Club Prepares for October 26-27, 2007


Thanks to all who made our two days with author Doug Dixon a success. There are way too many people to thank individually, but I did want you all to know that I appreciate all that you did to show your support.

It began for us on Wednesday with a full day of activities. Thanks to our book club member, Cheryl Haynes, we began in Crystal Springs with students from the Elementary and High Schools. They had plenty of questions for us and our guest author, and he enjoyed being able to share with them about his persona experiences as well as listen as they shared their poetry.

From there it was on to lunch with the book club at Subway Restaurant in Pearl, MS. Afterwards we were able to make a press stop at the offices of the Jackson Advocate and then the Public Access, the PEG Channel.

Dixon was glad to have the opportunity to visit Barnes and Noble in Jackson, MS, where he met with management and was able to sign copies of his book. The same was true at the Wal-Mart on HWY 18, where manager Eddie Robinson was more than happy to order copies of Dixon's books (THE JUMP OFF and PLAY THE GAME).

A book signing at Waldenbooks Metrocenter was next, and then the day ended with a book discussion at Richard Wright Library.

On Thursday we began our journey early at 9a.m. by visiting Pearl Public LIbrary, meeting with staff and making sure they had what they needed to order the book for their patrons. After this we headed to Brandon where we met with Curtis of Anderson Merchandising for Wal-Mart.

After spending a few moments in the store discussing the book, we headed on to Borders on Flowood Drive where we ordered copies of the books for book club members.

From there we were on to Books-A-Million where Dixon signed copies of his books for management, and then headed on to the Northside LIbrary and Willie Morris Llibrary to share information for them on how to order the book.

Conversations Book Club then treated Doug to a book discussion with former Governor William Winter, and then headed to the historic Smith Robertson Museum to take in a bit of history.

We did allow him a short break before we were back out to the Margaret Walker Alexander Library for a short meet and greet with book lovers, including author Voncele Savage and Savvy Book Club president Rose Wright.

Our finally stop was Subway Restaurant in Pearl for our final goodbyes and a book discsussion.

I have to say that with all visits this one taught me about myself and how I deal with others. The characters in Dixon's PLAY THE GAME show what happens when you live your life to portray what you THINK others expect. We just have to walk in our own truth and accept ourselves and others for who they are.

To do anything else is anything but living.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Conversations Book Club prepares to welcome Bestselling author Doug Dixon

Click here for the full schedule of his visit.

CBC Report: Author Jonathan Richardson, Mission Accomplished!

(NOTE: If you missed out on Day one's activities, then click here. For day two, then click here.)

Thanks to everyone who made the three-day visit of author Jonathan Richardson (THE COMPLICATED LIFE OF THE AFRICAN AMERICAN MAN) a success.

We ended the visit on Sunday with an inspirational service, thanks to the suggestion of book club member and friend Robin Gardner. At the end of the day we were back at Subway in Pearl, MS for the final book club discussion of the visit where we began with our choice of the month, THE FORGOTTEN SPIRIT by author Evie Rhodes and then used the last moments to reflect on Richardson's stay with us and his book.

If you are looking for copies of the book, they are available from Conversations Book Club for only $15.00. If you have purchased the book and want to communicate with the author, make sure to visit their website.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

CBC Report: Jonathan Richardson Visit to MS, Day 2

(NOTE: If you missed out on Day one's activities, then click here. )

Well, well, well, all I can say is that the days with author Jonathan Richardson have definitely been full of excitement and engaging conversation.
We began the day a little later today with a lunch discussion at Subway Restaurant in Pearl, MS. There we were joined by Stanley Clark (President of For The People Productions) and book club members Robin Gardner and Diane Johnston. As we ate the various topics of the book were discussed---as well as the areas where we agree to be disagree on how issues affect us.

From that discussion we went right into a similar one during the forum held at Richard Wright Library. Librarian Debra Gilbert went out of her way to make us feel as home, and we did! Thanks to all those who attended, including members of Savvy Book Club.

Next it was off to a very intimate gathering of missionaries and lovers of people, thanks to the hospitality of Dr. Charlie Gaulden and the organization Kindling Spirits. There we met with people of different races and age groups, all united in their desire to see things better for the people around them. After prayer and a hearty meal, there was genuine fellowship and togetherness---concluding with inspirational singing.

With no break in sight we were then off to Subway Restaurant in Pearl,MS again for the weekly Spoken Word Conversations. There we were blessed by the beautiful dancing of our own "Dance Minister", Robin Gardner, and we then finished with an hour discussion with Richardson about the book.

Finally, we ended the day at the PEG Network (Channel 18) with Ken Stiggers. There we taped a 6-minute interview that will be available shortly to you all worldwide. A perfect end to a great day.

Don't forget that we have one more event left: the "Inspirational Conversations" Book Club this Sunday evening at 6p.m. at Subway Restaurant. This will conclude our 3-day adventure with Richardson. Hope to see you there!

Friday, October 19, 2007

CBC Report: Jonathan Richardson's visit to MS, Day One

Conversations Book Club is pleased to give you the review of our first day with author Jonathan Richardson, the man who brought us THE COMPLICATED LIFE OF THE AFRICAN AMERICAN MAN.

He arrived in Jackson, MS on Thursday, October 18, 2007 and after a long flight we took him over to Pearl Public Library for the first meeting of our new "Teen Conversations" that meets every 3rd Thursday at 6p.m. After introducing him to the staff of the library we sat down for an hour discussion about his book and what he hopes it accomplishes.

On Friday we started off with a surprise visit to Crystal Springs Elementary School in Copiah County. Thanks to the support of our book club member and friend, Cheryl Haynes, we were able to visit each classroom of the school and then settle down in the library for a nice chat with the 3rd grade males.

Heading back to Hinds County we went to see our friends at the Jackson Advocate Newspaper downtown. Ms. Alice Tisdale and the entire staff stopped for pictures, and even one of the staff writers got a copy of the book to do a review for the paper.

After a short break it was off to Richard Wright Library for a meet and greet with patrons and book lovers. Members of the Savvy Book Club and Q.U.E.E.N.S. of Mississippi joined us for a sitdown with the author---and even some young ones came in to shake his hand and say hello.

The final stop of the day was at Waldenbooks in Metrocenter where our friends Lisa and Pam saw to it that we were comfortable for our book discussion. During the hour we touched on Richardson's personal life and how his own experiences shaped a great deal of the values that he holds today.

"I just want us to talk," he said before the final session ended, talking about the purpose of the book. And talk is something that is inevitable with a book as powerful as THE COMPLICATED LIFE OF THE AFRICAN AMERICAN MAN.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

CBC Report for October 15-21, 2007

Conversations Book Club is pleased to announce that we have a full week of activities coming up with our interactive book club, talking to SEVEN AUTHORS via conference call or in person.

Here is the schedule:

Monday, October 15, 2007 --- Beginning at 6p.m. Conversations Book Club will meet at Waldenbooks Metrocenter in Jackson, MS, talking with authors Fon James (author of Back and Forth) and New York Times Bestselling author Phil Town (author of Rule #1).

Tuesday, October 16,2007 --- Beginning at 6p.m. Conversations Book Club will meet at Waldenbooks Metrocener in Jackson, MS, talking with authors C. Kelly Robinson (author of The Perfect Blend) and Alicia Rice (author of DIARIES OF A DEAD WOMAN).

Wednesday, October 17, 2007--- Beginning at 6p.m. Conversations Book Club will meet at Waldenbooks Metrocenter in Jackson, MS, talking with authors Desiree Day (author of One G-String Short of Crazy) and Shani Dowdell (author of Keepin' It Tight).

Thursday, October 18, 2007 --- Beginning at 6p.m. Conversations Book Club President Cyrus A. Webb will hold his first 3rd Thursday forum at Pearl Public Library with Teens. the topic will be "Is Suicide Ever the Answer?"

Friday, October 19-Sunday, October 21, 2007 --- Conversations Book Club will host author Jonathan Richardson (author of THE COMPLICATED LIFE OF THE AFRICAN AMERICAN MAN). This will mark his first visit to the state---and a great deal of events to usher in the visit.

Sunday, October 21, 2007 --- It's the 3rd Sunday so that means "Inspirational Conversations" Book Club meets at Subway Restaurant in Pearl, MS. The featured book is "The Forgotten Spirit" by Bestselling author Evie Rhodes, however we will also have some closing remarks by author Jonathan Richardson.

Admission to all events is free. For more information visit http://www.thebestbookclub.info or email Cyrus A. Webb at cawebb4@juno.com.