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Saturday, May 31, 2008

EXCLUSIVE; Our Video Interview with Bestselling author Dynah Zale

During her historic first visit to Mississippi, Bestselling author Dynah Zale gaven an exclusive interview to Conversations Book Club about her trip.

(ABOVE: Bestselling author Dynah Zale seen above with a member of the management team of Book-A-Million in Jackson, Mississippi.)

To watch the video in its entirety, click on the image above or visit this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPFkQGYrLVM

Our 18th author of 2008, Dynah Zale: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Thank you to everyone who came out and helped the hosting of our 18th author of 2008, Bestselling author Dynah Zale (DRAMA IN THE CHURCH and HEAVEN SENT) a major success. She was literally a sell-out at every stop, and that all was made possible because of you!

The day (Friday, May 30, 2008) started off with a visit by Books-A-Million in Jackson, MS where she was greeted by management and signed stock.

From there is was on to the Willie Morris Library in Jackson, MS. There she met with members of the Savvy Book Club, signed copies of their books and met the staff.

The Northside Library in Jackson, MS was the next stop of the day. Conversations Book Club donated a copy of the book HEAVEN SENT to the library, and we were met by Savvy Book Club President Rose Wright before leaving.

The Wal-Mart on HWY 18 in Jackson, MS was the next stop of the day. This was an exciting couple of hours where we were able to literally sell every book available. Thanks to store manager Eddie Robinson and his staff for making this event a great experience.

The final public event of the day was a meet and greet at Richard Wright Library in Jackson, MS. Ms. Debra Gilbert took care of us as usual, and it was great to meet the patrons and even give advice to aspiring authors as well. To show our appreciation, Conversations Book Club donated a copy of Dynah's book HEAVEN SENT to the library.

Dynah was able to end the day with dinner with Savvy Book Club, and they had a chance to enjoy some "one on one" time with the author.

We appreciate all of the support. Conversations was not able to travel to ATL for the "Book Lovers' Day", however, we look forward to joining the readers there soon.

For more information about upcoming author visits, make sure to visit http://www.thebestbookclub.info. C'MON. JOIN THE ADDICTION: Get hooked on books!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Conversations Welcomes Bestselling author Dynah Zale!

THURSDAY, MAY 29, 2008
6p.m. --- Panelist during forum "HIPHOP: Why The Bad Rap" @ Richard Wright Library (515 W. McDowell Road * Jackson, MS); Admission free. Details, http://www.truconversations.com.

FRIDAY, MAY 30, 2008
10-12p.m. --- Meet and greet at Pearl Public Library (Pearl, MS)
1-3p.m. --- Booksigning @ Wal-Mart, HWY 18 (Jackson, MS)
4-5p.m. --- Meet and greet at Richard Wright Library (Jackson, MS)

SATURDAY, MAY 31, 2008 (Atlanta, GA) Comfort Inn (795 Pollard Blvd.)

11-12:45p.m. --- Meet and greet with authors and book lovers
1-2:30p.m. --- FORUM: The Business of Books ( authors discusss the joys and politics of publishing)
2:45-4:00p.m. --- FORUM: The Pros and Cons of Book Clubs. Why do they matter?
4:15-5:30p.m.--- What is ATL reading? Book lovers speak about what's hot and what's not.

C'MON. What are you waiting on? JOIN THE ADDICTION: Get hooked on books! http://www.thebestbookclub.info.

EXCLUSIVE: Watch footage of recording artist K. Lipsey here!

Conversations Book Club, Shadow Play Entertainment, Wal-Mart SuperCenter (HWY 18 * Jackson, MS) and their literary partners are pleased to provide you with this exclusive footage of recording artist K. Lipsey during his recent visit to Mississippi. He performed during the "Entertainment Hour at Wal-Mart", and we are pleased to share it with you! (Visit the link below!)

 (ABOVE: R&B crooners OndreaNicole and K. Lipsey at "Entertainment Hour" at Walmart)
To watch the Youtube footage, visit the link below:

Friday, May 23, 2008


Conversations Book Club Founder and President, Cyrus A. Webb, is pleased to share with readers his review of author Yolanda Merz's book THE WORDS I SPEAK  that appears today in the state of Mississippi's largest daily newspaper and online worldwide. (see below)
To read his review of Merz's book click (or copy and paste) this link:

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: Author of HIDING IN HIPHOP talks with Conversations!

EXCLUSIVE: Author of "Hiding in Hiphop" gives interview to Conversations

On Friday, May 23, 2008 at 7p.m. CST (8p.m. EST), Conversations Book Club will talk exclusively to Terrance Dean, author of the explosive autobiography HIDING IN HIPHOP (Confessions of a down low brother in the entertainment industry).

Moderated by Conversations President and host, Cyrus A. Webb, this is the author's first hour-long primetime interview about the book that has been written about in Newsweek, Time, Essence and on the internet worldwide. Webb will also discuss Dean's visit to Mississippi in June 2008 as part of Conversations "Statewide Book Club Meet and Greet".

You have heard the rumors and the speculation. Now get the truth from the man himself. Dean will be taking your questions, so mark your calendar and set the reminder on your computers and cell phones! To join the converation, simply call 712.432.3000 and use code 398736.

For more information about Dean visit http://www.terrancedean.blogspot.com. Webb can be reached at cawebb4@juno.com or http://www.thebestbookclub.info.

MARK THE DATES: Conversations hosts author Vickie Stringer

Conversations & Vickie Stringer: July 24-26, 2008.

Conversations Book Club will host bestselling author and publisher Vickie Stringer IN-PERSON during the month of July 2008 with events scheduled July 24-25, 2008
9-10A.M. --- Clarion Hotel (I-55N * Jackson, MS)
11-1P.M. --- Meet and Greet/Booksigning @ Wal-Mart HWY 18 (Jackson, MS)
6-8P.M. --- Meet and Greet/Booksigning @ Borders (Metairie, LA)
FRIDAY, JULY 25, 2008
11-1P.M. --- Meet and Greet @ Richard Wright Library (Jackson, MS)
6-8P.M. --- Meet and Greet/Booksigning @ Borders (Memphis, TN)
"It is a pleasure to work with someone of Ms. Stringer's caliber," Conversations Book Club president Cyrus A. Webb said in a prepared statement. "She has added so much to the literary community through her own books and the authors she has published through Triple Crown Publications."
The successes and achievements of Stringer’s novels, Let That Be the Reason, its sequel, Imagine ThisDirty Red, and the wide popularity of the Triple Crown Publications brand have garnered attention from prominent news media since Stringer ignited the Hip-Hop Literature era less than six years ago. In addition to being featured in The New York Times, Newsweek, MTV News, Publisher’s Weekly, The Boston Globe, Vibe, Essence, Entrepreneur and Inc. Magazine, in April of 2005 Stringer and Triple Crown Publications became international as her novels were translated and released in Tokyo, Japan.
Thanks to the staff of Triple Crown Publications for helping put this history-making event together with Conversations Book Club. History will be made again since this is the first time that Ms. Stringer will have visited Mississippi. She will also be our special guest in events in MEMPHIS, TN and NEW ORLEANS, LA.
This promises to be one of those events you don't want to miss.
 For additional information, contact Martin Perkins at 601.376.5215 or Cyrus A. Webb at cawebb4@juno.com. You can find out more about Conversations Book Club by visiting http://www.thebestbookclub.info.
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Monday, May 19, 2008

Conversations Book Club Member Voncele Savage featured in article

Congrats to Conversations Book Club member/minister/author Voncele Savage who is featured in a recent article. Her book A LETTER TO MY SISTERS has done much to help others deal with abuse and the aftermath, including the search for closure.

Read about her new endeavors here:

To find out more about Voncele and her upcoming work, visit http://www.savagehouse.net.

EXCLUSIVE: Join our Conversation with Bestselling author Zane --- Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Conversations Book Club is turning up the heat in its newest live chat this week. You are invited to join us on Tuesday, May 20, 2008 at 7p.m. CST for our interview with Bestselling author Zane!

This is one for the history books! Hosted by Conversations President Cyrus A. Webb, we will talk about her career, the affect she has had on the publishing game by creating STREBOR BOOKS and what is next for her. Webb will also ask the question that book club members across the South want to know: Can they expect a visit from the Queen of Erotica in their area any time soon.

Zane will also take your questions, so make sure you make plans to join us. To be a part of the 'conversation', simply call in at 1.712.432.3000 and enter code 398736.

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Conversations and Bestselling author Tony Lindsay: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

As always, thank you to everyone who made the visit of Conversations Book Club's 17th author of 2008 a success. Our visit with bestselling author Tony Lindsay and his lovely wife Heather was definitely one for the history books. It was not only his first visit to Mississippi, but his first booksigning in a Wal-Mart as well as his first trip to Louisiana in five years!

We started off the weekend on Friday, May 16, 2008 with our literary partner, the Wal-Mart on HWY 18 in Jackson, MS (http://www.walmartconversations.com). With the support of the store, the books were flying off the table, and I think it is safe to say that Tony picked up some new fans.

From there we continued our success at the Richard Wright Library during our meet and greet there. As always Ms. Debra Gilbert and the staff showed their support---and even after having a bad day another of our literary partners, Ms. Rose Wright of Savvy Book Club, stopped by to meet the author.

After leaving the Richard Wright Library, it was only appropriate that we take the picture below of the man for whom the it was named. This is from the walls of the Smith Robertson Museum downtown Jackson. Incidentally, Wright is one of Lindsay's favorite authors and the two share a birthday!

On Saturday, May 17, 2008 Lindsay and his wife joined book club members Cyrus A. Webb and Voncele Savage along with the hosts of the talk show NAKED CONVERSATIONS and Hiphop and Books headliner G-Money to begin the journey to New Orleans. There they took part in a planning meeting that focused on the Hiphop and Books tour, another initiative of Conversations Book Club. Valuable information was discussed and ideas to make the project even more of a success were shared.

From there it was on to our literary partner, Borders in Metairie, where we had our monthly book club discussion with Lindsay. Joining us for the discussion was platinum-selling recording artist/Bestselling author Corey "C-Murder" Miller and members of his TRU family.

Another great weekend, and it was all made possible because of YOU.
Thank you for your support. For more information about bestselling author Tony Lindsay, visit http://www.tonylindsay.net. As always: ENJOY YOUR DAY, ENJOY YOUR LIFE, ENJOY YOUR WORLD. C'mon: what are you waiting for? JOIN THE ADDICTION: Get hooked on books! http://www.thebestbookclub.info.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Conversations Welcomes Bestselling author Tony Lindsay

Conversations Book Club is pleased to welcome its 17th author of 2008: Bestselling author Tony Lindsay.

The author of STREET POSSESSIONS, CHASIN' IT, URBAN AFFAIR, ONE DEAD PREACHER and ONE DEAD LAWYER makes his first trip to Mississippi--and you can be a part of it!

Look for us at the following locations!

FRIDAY, MAY 16, 2008
1:30-3:30p.m. --- Wal-Mart HWY 18 (Jackson, MS)
4-5p.m. ---- Meet & Greet at Richard Wright Library (515 W. McDowell Road * Jackson, MS)
6-7p.m. --- Meet & Greet at Clarion Hotel lobby (I-55N * Frontage Rd. Jackson, MS)

SATURDAY, MAY 17, 2008
11a.m. --- Literacy rally @ Quality Inn & Suites (2261 N. Causeway Blvd * New Orleans/Metairie, LA)
1p.m. --- Booksigning/Meet & Greet @ Borders Metairie (3131 Veterans Memorial Blvd)

This is a historic visit---and you can be a part of it all. For more information, contact Martin Perkins at 601.376.5215, Cyrus A. Webb at cawebb4@juno.com or visit http://www.thebestbookclub.info.

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