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Sunday, October 28, 2007

CBC Report: Bestselling authors Pamela Samuels-Young, Fon James and Bridgette Collins, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

What a way to end the month! Conversations Book Club is proud to tell you that the final FULL WEEK of October 2007 is a BIG MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

We hosted events for bestselling authors Pamela Samuels-Young, Fon James and Bridgette Collins---with great success and support from everyone.

The highlight for me was our visit to Crystal Springs Elementary School (thanks to our book club member and school Principal Cheryl Haynes) and with Crystal Springs High School with author Bridgette Collins.

On Friday evening we had all three authors together at Waldenbooks Metrocenter discussing their triumphs and struggles in the literary world, as well as giving advice for up and coming authors. All three shared their personal experiences in writing their books as well as how they feel about being trailblazers in their respective genres.

On Saturday we spent the evening with Bridgette Collins and her mother at Spoken Word Saturdays, entertained by Lannie Helton and Diane Johnston on guitar and our Dance Minister Robin Gardner through dance.

There was no other way we would have liked to end such an eventful week.

Look for more to follow, including a slideshow of the weekend. As always, enjoy your day, enjoy your life. Enjoy your world.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Conversations Book Club Prepares for October 26-27, 2007


Thanks to all who made our two days with author Doug Dixon a success. There are way too many people to thank individually, but I did want you all to know that I appreciate all that you did to show your support.

It began for us on Wednesday with a full day of activities. Thanks to our book club member, Cheryl Haynes, we began in Crystal Springs with students from the Elementary and High Schools. They had plenty of questions for us and our guest author, and he enjoyed being able to share with them about his persona experiences as well as listen as they shared their poetry.

From there it was on to lunch with the book club at Subway Restaurant in Pearl, MS. Afterwards we were able to make a press stop at the offices of the Jackson Advocate and then the Public Access, the PEG Channel.

Dixon was glad to have the opportunity to visit Barnes and Noble in Jackson, MS, where he met with management and was able to sign copies of his book. The same was true at the Wal-Mart on HWY 18, where manager Eddie Robinson was more than happy to order copies of Dixon's books (THE JUMP OFF and PLAY THE GAME).

A book signing at Waldenbooks Metrocenter was next, and then the day ended with a book discussion at Richard Wright Library.

On Thursday we began our journey early at 9a.m. by visiting Pearl Public LIbrary, meeting with staff and making sure they had what they needed to order the book for their patrons. After this we headed to Brandon where we met with Curtis of Anderson Merchandising for Wal-Mart.

After spending a few moments in the store discussing the book, we headed on to Borders on Flowood Drive where we ordered copies of the books for book club members.

From there we were on to Books-A-Million where Dixon signed copies of his books for management, and then headed on to the Northside LIbrary and Willie Morris Llibrary to share information for them on how to order the book.

Conversations Book Club then treated Doug to a book discussion with former Governor William Winter, and then headed to the historic Smith Robertson Museum to take in a bit of history.

We did allow him a short break before we were back out to the Margaret Walker Alexander Library for a short meet and greet with book lovers, including author Voncele Savage and Savvy Book Club president Rose Wright.

Our finally stop was Subway Restaurant in Pearl for our final goodbyes and a book discsussion.

I have to say that with all visits this one taught me about myself and how I deal with others. The characters in Dixon's PLAY THE GAME show what happens when you live your life to portray what you THINK others expect. We just have to walk in our own truth and accept ourselves and others for who they are.

To do anything else is anything but living.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Conversations Book Club prepares to welcome Bestselling author Doug Dixon

Click here for the full schedule of his visit.

CBC Report: Author Jonathan Richardson, Mission Accomplished!

(NOTE: If you missed out on Day one's activities, then click here. For day two, then click here.)

Thanks to everyone who made the three-day visit of author Jonathan Richardson (THE COMPLICATED LIFE OF THE AFRICAN AMERICAN MAN) a success.

We ended the visit on Sunday with an inspirational service, thanks to the suggestion of book club member and friend Robin Gardner. At the end of the day we were back at Subway in Pearl, MS for the final book club discussion of the visit where we began with our choice of the month, THE FORGOTTEN SPIRIT by author Evie Rhodes and then used the last moments to reflect on Richardson's stay with us and his book.

If you are looking for copies of the book, they are available from Conversations Book Club for only $15.00. If you have purchased the book and want to communicate with the author, make sure to visit their website.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

CBC Report: Jonathan Richardson Visit to MS, Day 2

(NOTE: If you missed out on Day one's activities, then click here. )

Well, well, well, all I can say is that the days with author Jonathan Richardson have definitely been full of excitement and engaging conversation.
We began the day a little later today with a lunch discussion at Subway Restaurant in Pearl, MS. There we were joined by Stanley Clark (President of For The People Productions) and book club members Robin Gardner and Diane Johnston. As we ate the various topics of the book were discussed---as well as the areas where we agree to be disagree on how issues affect us.

From that discussion we went right into a similar one during the forum held at Richard Wright Library. Librarian Debra Gilbert went out of her way to make us feel as home, and we did! Thanks to all those who attended, including members of Savvy Book Club.

Next it was off to a very intimate gathering of missionaries and lovers of people, thanks to the hospitality of Dr. Charlie Gaulden and the organization Kindling Spirits. There we met with people of different races and age groups, all united in their desire to see things better for the people around them. After prayer and a hearty meal, there was genuine fellowship and togetherness---concluding with inspirational singing.

With no break in sight we were then off to Subway Restaurant in Pearl,MS again for the weekly Spoken Word Conversations. There we were blessed by the beautiful dancing of our own "Dance Minister", Robin Gardner, and we then finished with an hour discussion with Richardson about the book.

Finally, we ended the day at the PEG Network (Channel 18) with Ken Stiggers. There we taped a 6-minute interview that will be available shortly to you all worldwide. A perfect end to a great day.

Don't forget that we have one more event left: the "Inspirational Conversations" Book Club this Sunday evening at 6p.m. at Subway Restaurant. This will conclude our 3-day adventure with Richardson. Hope to see you there!

Friday, October 19, 2007

CBC Report: Jonathan Richardson's visit to MS, Day One

Conversations Book Club is pleased to give you the review of our first day with author Jonathan Richardson, the man who brought us THE COMPLICATED LIFE OF THE AFRICAN AMERICAN MAN.

He arrived in Jackson, MS on Thursday, October 18, 2007 and after a long flight we took him over to Pearl Public Library for the first meeting of our new "Teen Conversations" that meets every 3rd Thursday at 6p.m. After introducing him to the staff of the library we sat down for an hour discussion about his book and what he hopes it accomplishes.

On Friday we started off with a surprise visit to Crystal Springs Elementary School in Copiah County. Thanks to the support of our book club member and friend, Cheryl Haynes, we were able to visit each classroom of the school and then settle down in the library for a nice chat with the 3rd grade males.

Heading back to Hinds County we went to see our friends at the Jackson Advocate Newspaper downtown. Ms. Alice Tisdale and the entire staff stopped for pictures, and even one of the staff writers got a copy of the book to do a review for the paper.

After a short break it was off to Richard Wright Library for a meet and greet with patrons and book lovers. Members of the Savvy Book Club and Q.U.E.E.N.S. of Mississippi joined us for a sitdown with the author---and even some young ones came in to shake his hand and say hello.

The final stop of the day was at Waldenbooks in Metrocenter where our friends Lisa and Pam saw to it that we were comfortable for our book discussion. During the hour we touched on Richardson's personal life and how his own experiences shaped a great deal of the values that he holds today.

"I just want us to talk," he said before the final session ended, talking about the purpose of the book. And talk is something that is inevitable with a book as powerful as THE COMPLICATED LIFE OF THE AFRICAN AMERICAN MAN.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

CBC Report for October 15-21, 2007

Conversations Book Club is pleased to announce that we have a full week of activities coming up with our interactive book club, talking to SEVEN AUTHORS via conference call or in person.

Here is the schedule:

Monday, October 15, 2007 --- Beginning at 6p.m. Conversations Book Club will meet at Waldenbooks Metrocenter in Jackson, MS, talking with authors Fon James (author of Back and Forth) and New York Times Bestselling author Phil Town (author of Rule #1).

Tuesday, October 16,2007 --- Beginning at 6p.m. Conversations Book Club will meet at Waldenbooks Metrocener in Jackson, MS, talking with authors C. Kelly Robinson (author of The Perfect Blend) and Alicia Rice (author of DIARIES OF A DEAD WOMAN).

Wednesday, October 17, 2007--- Beginning at 6p.m. Conversations Book Club will meet at Waldenbooks Metrocenter in Jackson, MS, talking with authors Desiree Day (author of One G-String Short of Crazy) and Shani Dowdell (author of Keepin' It Tight).

Thursday, October 18, 2007 --- Beginning at 6p.m. Conversations Book Club President Cyrus A. Webb will hold his first 3rd Thursday forum at Pearl Public Library with Teens. the topic will be "Is Suicide Ever the Answer?"

Friday, October 19-Sunday, October 21, 2007 --- Conversations Book Club will host author Jonathan Richardson (author of THE COMPLICATED LIFE OF THE AFRICAN AMERICAN MAN). This will mark his first visit to the state---and a great deal of events to usher in the visit.

Sunday, October 21, 2007 --- It's the 3rd Sunday so that means "Inspirational Conversations" Book Club meets at Subway Restaurant in Pearl, MS. The featured book is "The Forgotten Spirit" by Bestselling author Evie Rhodes, however we will also have some closing remarks by author Jonathan Richardson.

Admission to all events is free. For more information visit http://www.thebestbookclub.info or email Cyrus A. Webb at cawebb4@juno.com.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

"Mississippi should be honored": C-Murder Visit to Mississippi in Oct. 2007: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED

(NOTE: If you missed the commentary on Day one of C-Murder's visit to Mississippi, click here.)

There is no way to truly describe how I feel right now about the history-making event that just occurred in Mississippi this week, but I think the quote in the subject line pretty much sums it up. It doesn't come from me, but from one of the employees at Barnes and Noble where we met on Friday evening to discuss Miller's book DEATH AROUND THE CORNER. Her comment was so profound and so on point that I had to make a point to write it down: "I don't like rap music, but there are a few rapper out there like yourself that I really respect and admire. The fact that you came here of all places is so profound to me. Jackson (Mississippi) should be honored. Barnes and Noble should be honored, and Mississippi should be honored."

In day two of C-Murder's visit to Mississippi, I began the day as I normally do: checking the headlines from the news. On the front page of the Times-Picayune they led with a headline that tried to imply that Miller travelled to Mississippi without permission. (Today---after the events are all over---that was corrected with this headline.) Not to be deterred we began at Pearl High School, talking with students about the power of choices and why it was important to hold fast to your dreams and do your best to be productive in life. This stop was followed up with a meet and greet at Medgar Evers Branch Library where he met with fans, encouraging them to pursue what they loved and try to make a difference.

Wal-Mart on HWY 18 was our next stop, and this was really powerful. Eddie Robinson (store manager) and the other members of management had arrived for lunch for Miller and his crew and then we were in a store for a frenzied meet and greet with customers and fans.

Next it was on to PEG Network (Channel 18 in Jackson) to meet with Ken Stiggers and shoot an exclusive interview that is now available online worldwide.

After the interview we were at Richard Wright Library for an exciting meet and greet with young fans and even some not so young ones, who used the opportunity to socialize with Miller and get pictures and autographs.

Barnes and Noble was our next stop, and over 50 people attended an engaging book discussion led by Conversations Book Club that included the group's questions and comments, thus leading to the quote I mentioned earlier.

Finally we were at Subway in Pearl, MS---home of several programs led by Conversations Book Club. We spent a couple of hours meeting with fans and the final opportunity to show our appreciation for a great visit.

Look for some exciting information to be coming very soon about further events with C-Murder, Death Around the Corner and Conversations Book Club. This includes a movie for the book, and a soundtrack that is already in the works.

Again, thank you all for seeing this visit for what it was: the opportunity to get to know the man behind the book that we all are sure to be talking about for many years to come.


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Thursday, October 11, 2007

CBC Report: C-Murder Visit to Mississippi--- Day One

Well, the day has finally arrived---and what a day it was. Conversations Book Club was a part of history today in a very big way---and it was all because of dedicated people like many of you. The first day of events were full of exciting times and somber moments that we won't soon forget. As you can see from the slideshow above, we had a great time--- and many of you were a part of those moments.

We started off the day at Peeples Middle School, and from there it was on to Hinds in Utica followed by a meet and greet at Margaret Walker Alexander Library. After a quick break we had the opportunity to speak with a group of parents and kids at Lee Elementary in Jackson, and then it was off to the Waldenbooks in Metrocenter for a meet and greet and book discussion. The final stop of the evening was a private meet and greet for the book club members of the various groups. In all we were able to see over 1000 individuals today... and there is still one day left.

We hope to see everyone tomorrow for the final day of events. Make sure to check out the website to see exactly where we will end up.

Thanks again for your support.

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