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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

CBC Report: Our recent interviews with authors available now!

Did you miss our exclusive interviews with Bestselling authors Brian W. Smith, V. L. Green, Electa Rome Parks and Sam Love. Conversations LIVE! is pleased to announce that they have been archived and are now available for you to download!
To listen to our interview Bestselling author Brian W. Smith and V. L. Green click the link below:
To listen to our interviews with Bestselling author Electa Rome Parks and Sam Love, click the link below: 
To keep current with upcoming editions of Conversations LIVE!, simply visit http://www.blogtalkradio.com/conversationslive!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

CBC Report: What's on Conversations LIVE! this week (July 29-July 30, 2008)

As we say goodbye to the month of July and hello to August 2008, Conversations wants to keep you in the know of those who will be making history with us this week.

* Tuesday, July 29, 2008 --- Conversations LIVE! with C. A. Webb
Special guest authors Brian Smith (12p.m. CST) and V. L. Green (12:30p.m. CST) talk with Conversations about their careers and new projects.
Listen live online at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/conversationslive

* Tuesday, July 29, 2008 --- Conversations LIVE! with C. A. Webb
Special guest authors Electa Rome Parks (7p.m. CST) and Sam Love (7:30p.m. CST) talk with us about the moves they are making in 2008 and taking your calls!
Listen live online at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/conversationslive

* Wednesday, July 30, 2008 --- Conversations LIVE! with C. A. Webb
This is one hour of the show you don't want to miss. We talk with New York Times Bestselling authors J. L. King and Erin Gruwell beginning at 11a.m. CST! Have your own questions? They will be taking your calls.
Listen live online at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/conversationslive

(Thurs. July 31, 2008) FORUM: Hiphop and Politics: Can the two work together for the good of the people?

Can the two work together for the good of the people?

Join us on Thursday, July 31, 2008 for the forum "HIPHOP AND POLITICS: Can the two work together for the good of the community?" This will be held at the Jackson Enterprise Center (931 HWY W. * Jackson, MS),6-8p.m.

Panelists include recording artists Eddie Wright, Big Pap, Jokah the General, radio show host Berlinda White, community activists Valencia Robinson and Shontale Watson, Attorney Martin Perkins and more!

Issues to be discussed include 1) Should we care what entertainers think about issues if we are to separate what they say from what they do? 2) How can the hiphop community best use their influence for the good of the community? 3) What can elected officials do to encourage the hiphop community's support? 4) Is the voice of the hiphop community incorrectly swaying perception about the Presidential candidates and their positions? 5) At the end of the day who should have more influence, the leaders of the hiphop community or the head of the household?

This 4th installment of discussions is brought to you in part by The Hip-Hop Chronicle, The Street Life Series, YoRaps.com, The Hype Magazine and focuses on the power of Hiphop. It will be moderated by Hiphop and Books Founder C. A. Webb. Admission free.

For more information, contact Berlinda White at 601.307.1851 or Cyrus A. Webb at 601.896.5616. You can also reach Webb at cawebb4@juno.com. Additional information can also be found online at http://www.thebestbookclub.info and http://www.hiphopandbooks.com

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Conversations reviews Bestselling author Erin Gruwell's TEACH WITH YOUR HEART

Conversations Book Club Founder and President, Cyrus A. Webb, is pleased to announce that the book review that appears today in the Clarion Ledger Newspaper is of Erin Gruwell's memoir TEACH WITH YOUR HEART. Many of you may remember Gruwell as the leader of the Freedom Writers organization. She was portrayed by Award-winning actress Hillary Swank in the movie adaptation of her first book. 
(see below)
To read the review, simply visit this link:
NOTE: Cyrus Webb will be interviewing New York Times bestselling author Erin Gruwell during his nationwide radio show, Conversations LIVE! on Wednesday, July 30th at noon Central Standard Time. The show can be heard live by visiting the Web site at  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/conversationslive. Call-ins are welcome at (347) 426-3645.

Friday, July 25, 2008

CBC Report: Missed any of Conversations LIVE! this month? Catch up right here!

The weekend is here and many of you will be looking for something to do or that perfect book to read over the next couple of days. Conversations Book Club would like to reccommend some of the authors we have featured over the last few weeks on Conversations LIVE! radio show on Blog Talk Radio (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/conversationslive). Whether your interests are suspense, romance, business or just a good read, we think you will find something you can enjoy right here!
Don't just take our word for it. Look for yourself!
JUNE 2008
Author Terrance Dean (author of HIDING IN HIPHOP)
JULY 2008
Author Monica Carter Tagore (Sacrifice The One and Zoom Power)
Authors Diane Dorce (Devil in the Mist), Jean Holloway (Ace of Hearts) and Supreme Understanding (How To Hustle and Win)
Author Bobby Blake (My Life in Porn)
Author Dante Moore (The Re-Education of the Female)
Author Jiwe (The War of the Bloods in my Veins)
Artist K. Lipsey and Radio Show host/poet Berlinda White (Heaven in the Ghetto)
Author/Poets Yolanda Merz (The Words I Speak) and Annette Hoggs-Jackson (Poems from the Heart)
Authors Renee Daniel Flagler (Mountain High, Valley Low) , Dwan Abrams (Divorcing the Devil) and Assaunta Collins
Forum "WHAT'S IN A WORD: Double Standards in America?" (Special guests radio show host Berlinda White, author Dwan Abrams and DJ Vic)
Author Theresa Gonsalves (Obsessions and The Man in the Woods)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

IT'S HERE: MS, LA and TN prepare to welcome Bestselling author Vickie Stringer!

MARK THE DATES: Conversations hosts author Vickie Stringer

Conversations & Vickie Stringer: July 24-26, 2008.

Conversations Book Club will host bestselling author and publisher Vickie Stringer IN-PERSON during the month of July 2008 with events scheduled July 24-25, 2008
11-1P.M. --- Meet and Greet/Booksigning @ Wal-Mart HWY 18 (Jackson, MS)
6-8P.M. --- Meet and Greet/Booksigning @ Borders (Metairie, LA)
FRIDAY, JULY 25, 2008
11-1P.M. --- Meet and Greet @ Richard Wright Library (Jackson, MS)
6-8P.M. --- Meet and Greet/Booksigning @ Borders (Memphis, TN)
"It is a pleasure to work with someone of Ms. Stringer's caliber," Conversations Book Club president Cyrus A. Webb said in a prepared statement. "She has added so much to the literary community through her own books and the authors she has published through Triple Crown Publications."
The successes and achievements of Stringer's novels, Let That Be the Reason, its sequel, Imagine ThisDirty Red, and the wide popularity of the Triple Crown Publications brand have garnered attention from prominent news media since Stringer ignited the Hip-Hop Literature era less than six years ago. In addition to being featured in The New York Times, Newsweek, MTV News, Publisher's Weekly, The Boston Globe, Vibe, Essence, Entrepreneur and Inc. Magazine, in April of 2005 Stringer and Triple Crown Publications became international as her novels were translated and released in Tokyo, Japan.
Thanks to the staff of Triple Crown Publications for helping put this history-making event together with Conversations Book Club. History will be made again since this is the first time that Ms. Stringer will have visited Mississippi. She will also be our special guest in events in MEMPHIS, TN and NEW ORLEANS, LA.
This promises to be one of those events you don't want to miss.
 For additional information, contact Berlinda White at 601.307.1851 or Cyrus A. Webb at cawebb4@juno.com. You can find out more about Conversations Book Club by visiting http://www.thebestbookclub.info.
C'MON. What are you waiting for? JOIN THE ADDICTION: Get hooked on books!

CBC Report: Bestselling author Theresa Gonsalves--- July 22,23, 2008

This has been an author visit I have been looking forward to for almost two years. I was first introduced to Bestselling author Theresa Gonsalves in 2006, just before I started the book club. At the time I was simply the editor of the Conversations Magazine as well as interviewing authors for the Clarion Ledger newspaper. I knew very little about her at first, but her book OBSESSIONS drew me in,and I have been hooked ever since.
After interviews, discussions with Conversations Book Club and an exclusive on my radio show, the two of us met each other for the first time on Tuesday, July 22, 2008 to begin her historic visit to Mississippi promoting her two books OBSESSIONS and THE MAN IN THE WOODS.
On Tuesday we began the day at Wal-Mart on HWY 18 in Jackson, MS with sales being made immediately during the first hour. Joining us was book club member and friend Martin Perkins and it was an awesome experience. Almost a case of books was sold during this event, and then we were on to Richard Wright Library in Jackson, MS where we met with other book lovers for a  pleasant end to the day.

On Wednesday, July 23rd, we returned to Wal-Mart for day two of Gonsalves' visit, with more sales being made, more curious readers wanting to ask questions and congratulate her and real conversations had with others who have experienced some of what the author has written about.
It was a pleasant sight to see: book lovers of all ages, races and backgrounds united for their desire for a good read---and Theresa Gonsalves provided that. Even at her hotel, she was able to talk with others about her stories with books being sold there as well along with hearty conversations about why she felt the need to share her story.
A perfect way to spend her first visit to Mississippi---and there will be more to report soon.
Enjoy your day. Enjoy your life. Enjoy Mississippi! http://www.thebestbookclub.info   http://www.theresagonsalves.com  

Friday, July 18, 2008

Missed our conversation with the Divas of LIterature? Listen to the podcast here!

Did you miss Renee Daniel Flager, Dwan Abrams and Assuanta Collins of the Divas of Literature Tour 2008 talk with Conversations LIVE!? Listen to the entire interview by clicking the link below!
Many of you know author Renee Flagler as the author of MOUNTAIN HIGH, VALLEY LOW, MIS-GUIDED and IN HER MIND, but she is also a publisher and the founder of DIVAS OF LITERATURE, which is in its second year! This is one conversation you don't want to miss. She is joined by authors Dwan Abrams and Assuanta Collins as they talk about the tour that begins in just a few days.
To listen, click on this link:

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Listen to Bestselling author Jiwe's interview with Conversations LIVE! here

On Tuesday, July 15, 2008 Bestselling author Dashaun "Jiwe" Morris (author of WAR OF THE BLOODS IN MY VEINS) was a guest on Conversations LIVE! with C. A. Webb.
With tens of thousands of books sold in just a few months, Jiwe's story of survival has resonated with many throughout the country and beyond. During his exclusive hour-long discussion, you will hear how he has managed to keep his head above water in a world that threatened to destroy him.
To listen to the interview in its entirety, visit this link:
To listen to other episodes of Conversations LIVE!, visit http://www.blogtalkradio.com/conversationslive. To purchase your copy of the HIPHOP AND BOOKS compilation cd that is featured during the interviews, visit http://www.hiphopandbooks.com.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

THIS WEEK'S REVIEW: Electric Honey by Sam Love

Conversations Book Club Founder and President, Cyrus A. Webb, is pleased to share with readers his review of author Sam Love's book ELECTRIC HONEY that appears today in the state of Mississippi's largest daily newspaper and online worldwide. (see below)
To read his review of Love's book click (or copy and paste) this link:
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Friday, July 11, 2008

Author of THE RE-EDUCATION OF THE FEMALE speaks 2nite Fri. July 11th @ 7p.m. CST

Join Conversations LIVE! with C. A. Webb this evening (Friday, July 11, 2008) at 7p.m. CST (8p.m. CST) for the 1/2 hour as we talk with author Dante' Moore, the author of the controversial book THE RE-EDUCATION OF THE FEMALE.
For men who were looking for a national voice to get their point across and the women who say that men don't express themselves---this is one conversation you don't want to miss.

Join us live at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/conversationslive. Listen for the call-in number to express your thoughts.

For more information about Conversations LIVE, visit http://www.thebestbookclub.info and click on the CONVERSATIONS LIVE! link.

Enjoy your day. Enjoy your life. Enjoy your world. Enjoy BOOKS!

Conversations Welcomes Bestselling author Theresa Gonsalves

MONDAY, JULY 21, 2008 (Mississippi)
6-8p.m. --- Meet & Greet @ Choice Hotel I-55N(Briarwood Ext.), Jackson, MS

TUESDAY, JULY 22, 2008 (Mississippi)
9-10a.m. --- Breakfast with Books @ Clarion Hotel I-55N Frontage Road in Jackson, MS ($5.00)
11-1p.m. --- Booksigning @ Wal-Mart HWY 18 in Jackson, MS
2-4p.m. --- Meet & Greet @ Pearl Public Library in Pearl, MS
5-7p.m. --- Meet & Greet @ Richard Wright Library in Jackson, MS

9-10a.m. --- Breakfast with Books @ Clarion Hotel I-55N Frontage Road in Jackson, MS ($5.00)
4-6p.m. -- Booksigning @ Borders in Memphis, TN (Poplar Ave)

THURSDAY, JULY 24, 2008 (MS/LA)--- with Bestselling author Vickie Stringer
9-10a.m. --- Breakfast with Books @ Clarion Hotel I-55 N Frontage Road in Jackson, MS ($5.00)
4-6p.m. --- Booksigning @ Borders in Metairie, LA (Veterans Blvd.)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Authors Comment on Their Recent Visit with Conversations, June 2008

Conversations Book Club is pleased to share some of the comments from authors who recently spend time with us and other book lovers during June 2008. Bestselling author Electa Rome Parks, Diane, Dorce, Jean Holloway and V. L. Green were among a total of six authors who came together for our Book Club Meet & Greet on Saturday June 28, 2008. A modest group gathered to hear them talk about their experiences in the literary industry and how book clubs have affected their careers. Afterwards, Parks, Dorce' and Holloway all shared a historic experience for them all: their first booksigning in a Wal-Mart! (Thanks to our literary partners the Richard Wright Library and Wal-Mart Supercenter on HWY 18 in Jackson, MS for their making each of these events possible.)

Here is what they had to say about their visit:

"Authors, book clubs and books. . . three of my favorite things. I enjoyed my recent visit with Cyrus Webb of Conversations Book Club in Jackson, MS. Did I mention the southern hospitality that was extended?. . . I applaud Cyrus for the wonderful work he is masterfully doing by supporting authors, spreading the word and bringing authors and readers together."

Electa Rome Parks
author of Ladies' Night Out, These Are My Confessions, Loose Ends, Almost Doesn't Count, Loose Ends and The Ties That Bind

"Spending time with Conversations Bookclub is like spending time with family. They are the greatest. We have the most in depth conversations about writing and the publishing business that i always leave there with more ideas and inspiration. They welcome you with open arms, and treat you royalty! If you haven't visited Conversations, you are missing out! Thank you Conversations, Cyrus Webb for your continued support."

Diane Dorce', author of Devil in the Mist, 52 Broad Street

"My publisher, Diane Dorcé, owner and CEO of Firefly Publishing and Entertainment & I had the pleasure of traveling to MS for the Conversations Book Club. It was one of the best experiences of my book tour. Not only did I get to meet other authors (strangely two more were from GA and we met in MS for the 1st time), but I got a chance to meet several book club members. I also had my first Wal-Mart experience, which has been a goal of mine. It was a blast!"
Thank you, Mr. Webb. It was WELL worth the trip and I look forward to seeing you in Atlanta August 31st(Book Lovers Day in Atlanta, GA)."

Heartfully Yours,
Jean Holloway

"It is a well known fact that books bridge gaps. That was never more evident than on June 28, 2007 when people of different backgrounds came together to discuss their love of books. There were no generational gaps; no gender gaps; no social gaps. It's always wonderful when friends get together. It's even better when strangers can come together and converse as friends. Such was the case with us. Many of us came as strangers, but we left with a smile on our lips and a warm feeling in our hearts. Keep up the good work!"


Conversations Book Club thanks all who made these events possible. As with any event, you never know who will be there, however, these authors saw firsthand that the important thing is that WE were there, books were sold and those with a genuine interest were able to get their literary fix.

Enjoy your day. Enjoy your life. Enjoy your world. Enjoy books! http://www.thebestbookclub.info

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

CONVERSATIONS LIVE! talks with MY LIFE IN PORN author, Thurs. July 10, 2008

"Conversations LIVE!" on Blog Talk Radio has already received recognition from book lovers and authors alike for its lively discussions and "conversational" feel. We are pleased to announce that we will have a series of exclusive interviews coming this week---and you don't want to miss any of them. Talk show host C. A. Webb will be talking with some of the biggest names in print and film--- beginning with Thursday, July 10, 2008 at 7:30p.m. CST with retired porn star Bobby Blake.

THURSDAY, JULY 10, 2008 @ 7:30P.M CST
This is one you don't want to miss! At 7:30p.m. CST you should be logged on to http://www.blogtalkradio.com/conversationslive for this one. Conversations talks with retired porn star Bobby Blake talk about his life, his faith and his memoir MY LIFE IN PORN. You have the interview he did with Conversations, now you can hear id directly from the source! (see link below to read the interview Blake did with Webb)

Believe us: this is one of those conversations you want to hear live, and Webb will be in the chatroom during the interview taking your questions for our guests? Want to ask your questions directly? Then listen for the call-in number to be given and talk with Bobby Blake live!

Interested in advertising with Conversations Live!, being a guest or want more information about Conversations Book Club, Conversations LIVE! or any of its partners, reach Cyrus A. Webb at cawebb4@juno.com.
Enjoy your day. Enjoy your life. Enjoy your world... And most importantly, enjoy books! http://www.thebestbookclub.info

EXCLUSIVE: Hiphop & Books Founder Interviewed about Street-Lit Controversy

Do Hip-Hop Lovers Read? The Street-Lit Controversy Inside-Out

 by Terra Little (author of Running from Mercy & Where There's Smoke)


I'm woman enough to admit that I'm ambivalent where Urban Fiction/Street-lit is concerned, so I'm not about to get into my thoughts on the topic. What I do take issue with, though, is the slightly generalized assertion that most, though certainly not all, Black folks are eating up whatever the genre produces faster than writers can crank it out. There is no new overall craze for Urban Fiction and I believe the sudden jump in Black book sales is due to the fact that the genre attracts people who hadn't previously included reading for pleasure as part of their list of hobbies. Not that these people couldn't read, they just, for whatever reason, weren't. Perhaps, the long-awaited ability to identify with characters' life circumstances was what sparked interest, who knows? Whatever the reason(s), there's this big jump in sales and I think that's because of additional book buyers, not existing ones who've switched preferences.

There are books out there to suit all tastes and preferences, and I just hope that continues to be the case. Hint, hint.

"At least they're reading," is what a lot of folks say when the topic of Urban Fiction comes up, and there just may be some merit to this viewpoint. After all, it's, to some extent, a viewpoint that is shared by Conversations Book Club Founder, Cyrus A. Webb.

Not only do Webb's book club interests span four states, but the chapters often host successful author book signings and facilitate meetings of the minds between readers and writers from all over. However, if you know Webb, you know he's very modest about the club's success and far-reaching effects. But get him to talking about the Hip-Hop Lovers Read initiative and some of the modesty slips away and, understandably, excitement takes over.

I recently had occasion to have a meeting of the minds with Webb regarding the Hip-Hop Lovers Read initiative and, being the "Rhona Barrett of the Blog-Zine Scene", you know I had to put it out there for you. Specifically, I wanted to compare some of the information I've come across about Urban Fiction/Street-lit to his vision for Hip-Hop Lovers Read.

Here's what Webb had to say...

Read the interview here: http://terralittle.blogspot.com/2008/07/do-hip-hop-lovers-read-street-lit.html

Monday, July 7, 2008

Join us for CONVERSATIONS LIVE! on Blog Talk Radio: Tues. July 8, 2008

Conversations LIVE! with C. A. Webb returns this week with exclusive interviews and discussions that you don't want to miss? Courtesy of Blog Talk Radio, on Tuesday, July 8, 2008, you will get three opportunities to listen from authors that are blazing amazing trails in the literary world. Visit http://www.blogtalkradio.com/conversationslive and enjoy!

TUESDAY, JULY 8, 2008 @ 12P.M. CST

Join our conversation with Bestselling author Monica Carter Tagore. Many know her from her Christian Fiction novel SACRICICE THE ONE. Now you can hear her talk about her new project: ZOOM POWER.

TUESDAY, JULY 8, 2008 @ 12:30P.M CST

This is one you don't want to miss! Conversations talks with retired porn star Bobby Blake talk about his life, his faith and his memoir MY LIFE IN PORN. You have the interview he did with Conversations. Now you can hear it directly from the source!

TUESDAY, JULY 8, 2008 @ 7P.M. CST

(Seen here with authors Voncele Savage, Electa Rome Parks and V. L. Green)
Ready for the perfect literary nightcap for your Tuesday evening? Conversations has you covered. Join Bestselling authors Diane Dorce (DEVIL IN THE MIST and 52 BROADSTREET) , Jean Holloway (ACE OF HEARTS) and Supreme (HOW TO HUSTLE AND WIN) talk about their journey as authors, the business and politics of the literary game and what separates them from other authors out there.

This is one day of conversations you don't want to miss---and nothing less than what you would expect from "the best book club". Join us on Tuesday, July 8, 2008 at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/conversationslive.

Interested in being a guest or more information about Conversations Book Club, Conversations LIVE! or any of its partners, reach Cyrus A. Webb at cawebb4@juno.com.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Conversations Presents Its "Top 20 Summer Reads" of 2008!

"Conversations Book Club (http://www.thebestbookclub.info) is pleased to announce its "Top 20 Summer Reads" of 2008. We read and review dozens of books each month, however, these stood out as books we thought would give you that refreshment you need from the regular run-of-the-mill read. During the months of July and August we challenge you to visit your favorite bookstore or online shop and purchase these books that range from nonfiction, self-help, mystery, suspense, erotica, engaging or just plain fun! Believe us: these are the books that we believe readers of any genre will appreciate because the authors have delivered us their best. See a title you have already enjoyed? Then make sure to tell at least 2 people about it and why they should give it a chance as well."

CONVERSATIONS' "TOP 20 SUMMER READS", 2008 (Arranged in no particular order)
1. "Bloggers' Delight, Volume 1 (Love & Redemption)" by Firefly Publishing & Entertainment
2. "One Dead Lawyer" by Tony Lindsay
3. "Final Fling," by Torrian Ferguson & Brian W. Smith
4. "A Street Girl Named Desire," by Treasure Blue
5. "No Place Safe" by Kim Reid
6. "Hiding in Hiphop" by Terrance Dean
7. "Electric Honey" by Sam Love
8. "The Prayer Chest" by August Gold & Joel Fontinos
9. "Gettin' Caught Up Wit' Nina," by P. Elaine Archie
10. "My Life in Porn," by Bobby Blake
11. "Do Travel Writers Go To Hell?" by Thomas Kohnstamm
12. "Pulpit Confessions," by Peron F. Long
13. "Rollin' With Dre," by Bruce Williams
14. "Grown & Gangsta," by Jacki-O
15. "The Enemy Between My Legs," by Stephanie Jones
16. "Obsessions," by Theresa J. Gonsalves
17. "Zoom Power," by Monica Carter Tagore
18. "How To Wow," by Frances Cole Jones
19. "My Soul Cries Out," by Sherri Lewis
20. "Destiny...Interrupted," by Erica N. Martin/Greg O. Jones

"Want to hear from these authors? Many of them will be featured through our website http://www.thebestbookclub.info this summer or our internet radio program at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/conversationslive. We salute the authors and look forward to their next literary treasure." --- Cyrus A. Webb, Conversations Book Club President

JOIN THE ADDICTION: Get hooked on books! http://www.thebestbookclub.info

Friday, July 4, 2008

THIS WEEK'S REVIEW: ZOOM POWER by Monica Carter Tagore

Conversations Book Club Founder and President, Cyrus A. Webb, is pleased to share with readers his review of author Monica Carter Tagore's book ZOOM POWER that appears today in the state of Mississippi's largest daily newspaper and online worldwide. (see below)
To read his review of Tagore's book click (or copy and paste) this link:
C'MON. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? JOIN THE ADDICTION: Get hooked on books! http://www.thebestbookclub.info


Conversations Book Club and its literary partners wish to thank those who made the 2nd Annual Statewide Book Club Meet & Greet a success on Saturday, June 28, 2008.

A special thanks goes out to our featured authors (l-r: Jean Holloway, Electa Rome Parks, Voncele Savage, V. L. Green, Supreme Understanding and Diane Dorce') who came to be with us for this special event. Holloway, Parks, Supreme and Dorce' were all from Atlanta and had never done an event together like this---all of that changed when they came to Mississippi, including they all did their first book signing at Wal-Mart during their visit!

Events like what took place on June 28th show that no matter what separates us, there are always so many things that unite us. In our case it is BOOKS.

Enjoy your day. Enjoy your life. Enjoy your world. Enjoy books! http://www.thebestbookclub.info