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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Conversations' 10 Most Inspiring Books of 2019

Conversations Book Club Founder Cyrus Webb shares his picks for 10 Most Inspiring Books of 2019. These are titles he has personally read and enjoyed and believe that readers around the world will be able to glean something from that they can use in their own lives.

Conversations' 10 Most Inspiring Books of 2019 (listed in no particular order) 

  1. Loving Out Loud by Robyn Spizman (New World Library)
  2. Girl Be Brave by Cheryl Hale (Abingdon Press)
  3. Lead Like Walt by Pat Williams (Health Communications, Inc.)
  4. Your Life Is Your Prayer by Sam Beasley & BJ Gallagher (Mango Publishing)
  5. The Gifts of Acceptance by Daniel A. Miller (Ebb and Flow Press)
  6. Getting Up From Being Down by S. Todd Townsend (Redemption Press)
  7. Think Positive, Life Happy by Chicken Soup for the Soul (CSS)
  8. The Elegant Warrior by Heather Hansen (Page Two Books)
  9. The Path Made Clear by Oprah Winfrey (Flatiron Press)
  10. Success Factor X by Jill Liberman and Sean Kanan (Plain Sight Publishing)

Conversations' Top 15 Books for Young Readers in 2019

Conversations is excited to share it's Top 15 Books for Young Readers in 2019 as chosen by book club President and founder Cyrus Webb. As in the past the list features established authors as well as those who are rising stars.

Conversations' Top 15 Books for Young Readers in 2019 (listed in no particular order)

  1. Ballpark Mysteries Super Special #4: The World Series Kids by David A. Kelly (Random House)
  2. Almanac 2019 (National Geographic Kids)
  3. Child of the Dream by Sharon Robinson (Scholastic Press)
  4. The Little Dragon by Sheri Fink (Whimsical World Books)
  5. Dork Diaries:Tales from a Not-So-Best Friend Forever by Rachel Renee Russell (Aladdin/Simon and Schuster)
  6. Something Like Gravity by Amber Smith (Aladdin/Simon and Schuster)
  7. Vengeance Is Mine: The Reaping by Calogero Bradley (BlaqRayn Publishing)
  8. Mo's Bows: A Young Person's Guide to Start-Up Success by Moziah Bridges (Running Press Kids/Hachette Book Group)
  9. Oh, The Things I Can Be When I See Me by Valerie J. Lewis Coleman (Pen of the Writer, LLC)
  10. Kidz Biz Book 3: Making All the Kidz Biz Rules by Gwen Richardson (Cushcity Communications)
  11. But Mommy It's Not Fair! I Am Not Alone by Sherria L. Elliott (4Elliott Publishing)
  12. Ginger's Neighborhood by I. Krystal Smith & Sharon T. L. Jackson (Get-Success Publishing)
  13. That's Me by Donna Marie Leonard (Donna Marie Leonard)
  14. Summer Camp Fun with Grandson by Lisa W. Beckwith (Shero Publishing)
  15. Mother of Many by Pamela M. Tuck (Mascot Books)

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Conversations Book Club's 50 Best Books of 2019

We love books! And for 13 years Conversations Book Club Founder and Media Personality Cyrus Webb has been sharing his pick of books that he has enjoyed that he believes readers around the world would as well. In 2019 he presents his most diverse list to day, sharing 50 books (25 fiction and 25 non-fiction) titles for adults that are sure to entertain, engage and encourage you.

Conversations' 25 Best Non-Fiction Books of 2019
(listed in no particular order)

  1. Yes, I'm That Guy by William Sanderson (BookBaby)
  2. The Beautiful No by Sheri Salata (Harper Wave)
  3. My Life, My Way by John Schneider (Maven Entertainment)
  4. The Parrot's Perch by Karen Keilt (She Writes Press)
  5. There's Something Your Son Needs to Tell You by Vernon Ennels, Jr.
  6. The Revolution Will Be Publicized by Joy Elan (Joy Elan)
  7. Lead Like Walt by Pat Williams (Health Communications Inc)
  8. The Iconist by Jamie Mustard (BenBella Books)
  9. Becoming Super Woman by Nicole Lapin (BenBella Books)
  10. Identity Leadership by Stedman Graham (Center Street)
  11. Success Factor X by Jill Liberman and Sean Kanan (Plain Sight Publishing)
  12. Prison Or Passion by R.K. Russell (Jack Wild Publishing)
  13. Resilience by Judy Stone, MD (Mountainside MD Press)
  14. Hurricanes by Rick Ross (Hanover Square Press)
  15. African Samurai by Thomas Lockley and Geoffrey Girard (Hanover Square Press)
  16. The Courage to Step out of the Familiar by Dennis Perkins (Xulon Press)
  17. Love Yourself Happy by Shari Alyse (Wellness Ink Publishing)
  18. Darkness to Light by Lamar Odom (BenBella Books)
  19. Your Life Is Your Prayer by Sam Beasley and BJ Gallagher (Mango Press)
  20. All Blood Runs Red by Phil Keith and Tom Clavin (Hanover Square Press)
  21. Survival Math by Mitchell S. Jackson (Scribner)
  22. Prison by Isiko Cooks (Peter Mack Presents)
  23. Stutterer Interrupted by Nina G (She Writes Press)
  24. Brave, Not Perfect by Reshma Saujani (Currency)
  25. Called to Forgive by Anthony B. Thompson (Bethany House)

Conversations' 25 Best Fiction Books of 2019
(listed in no particular order)

  1. A Minute to Midnight by David Baldacci (Grand Central Publishing) 
  2. I'm Fine and Neither Are You by Camille Pagan (Lake Union)
  3. The Last Widow by Karin Slaughter (William Morrow)
  4. Grace by Dan Burns (Chicago Arts Press)
  5. A Love Story to Remember by Linda Diane Wattley (Pen It! Publications)
  6. Love and Happiness by Ben Burgess, Jr. (Urban Renaissance)
  7. Greed by Victoria Christopher Murray (Simon and Schuster)
  8. The Speed of Falling Objects by Nancy Richardson Fischer (Ink Yard Press)
  9. Finding Cade by Bernice Layton (Limitless Publishing)
  10. Beneath the Attic by V. C. Andrews (Gallery Books)
  11. Devil's Sympathy by A. Shane Etter (Thomas Max Publishing)
  12. The Accidental Road by Jodi Lea Stewart (Fire Star Press)
  13. Bread Bags and Bullies by Steven Manchester (Luna Bella Press) 
  14. When I Got Out by Peter Seth (The Story Plant)
  15. Murder from Scratch by Leslie Karst (Crooked Lane Books)
  16. The Patient by Steena Holmes (Lake Union)
  17. The New Girl by Daniel Silva (Harper)
  18. Beside Herself by Elizabeth LaBan (Lake Union)
  19. Trophy Life by Lea Geller (Lake Union)
  20. Fake by John DeDakis (Strategic Media Books)
  21. K3 by Tracie O'Neil Horton (Outskirts Press)
  22. Out of the Shadows by Natasha D. Frazier (Encouraging Works)
  23. Trespassed by Sonya Visor (Covenant House Press)
  24. The Unforgivable Sin by D. B. Corey (D. B. Corey)
  25. Lost at Sea by Linda Bello-Ruiz (Mariah Publishing)