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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Conversations' 15 Books PERFECT for Young Readers in September 2018

With the new school year beginning, Conversations knows that there will be a mad search for books that will entertain, educate and inspire young readers. Because of this need Conversations Book Club Founder and President Cyrus Webb has compiled a list of 15 titles for young readers of various ages that are sure to give you a great start in your book selections.

As an added feature each book title is hyperlinked so you can find out additional information about the book on Amazon and even make a purchase right away if you are so inclined!

This is Conversations way of ensuring that you have books at the ready for young readers who are looking for something that speaks not just to their minds but their hearts, too.

Conversations' 15 Books for Young Readers in September 2018 (listed in no particular order):

  1. Too Tall Alice by Barbara Worton (Great Little Books, LLC)
  2. We're All Wonders by R.J. Palacio Knopf)
  3. LEAP by Coralyn Jones (unknown)
  4. Pidge Takes the Stage by Michell Staubach Grimes (Pidge Media)
  5. BRAGN: Be Real and Great Now by Zenaida Roy-Almario (BRAGN)
  6. The Tormentors by Erin Bowman, Cordell Forbes, Isaiah Benjamin and Jeremaine Powell, Jr. (Purposely Created Publishing)
  7. Tradition by Brendan Kiely (McElderry Books)
  8. Jack Wentworth: The Real Belt by Karen Ward Wilder (unknown)
  9. A Bird's Tale by James Robinson (48hrbooks.com)
  10. I'm Mixed by Maggy Williams (Loving Healing Press)
  11. She Named Me Stacey by Blaque Diamond (Xlibris)
  12. Shaken by Tim Tebow (Waterbrook)
  13. I am Jim Henson by Brad Meltzer (Dial/Penguin)
  14. Please Explain "Anxiety" to Me! by Laurie Zelinger, PhD and Jordan Zelinger, MS Ed (Loving Healing Press)
  15. Something Happened in Our Town by Marianne Celano, Marietta Collins and Ann Hazzard (Magination Press)

Friday, August 17, 2018

10 Books Every Woman Should Read For Embracing Their Greatness

There are so many things that are attacking us daily, both internally and externally. Many women especially are feeling the pressure as they balance both their personal and professional goals while caring for those around them, all the while dealing with their own challenges.

With that in mind Conversations Book Club founder and media personality Cyrus Webb shares 10 books that he believes can help women around the world to embrace their greatness, no matter what they are dealing with.

"I was raised around strong women," Webb says, "and I saw how they seemed to care for others many times before them looked after themselves. That made me want to encourage everyone, but especially women< to not to forget their own value and worth and go after their goals and dreams."

Compiled from books he has read over the past 12 months this list includes direct access to Amazon.com where each title can be purchased. It is our hope that you will find something for yourself and share with others as well.

(listed in no particular order)
  1. CHOS3N: There’s A High Cost to Low Living by Bianca Harris (Chos3n)
  2. The Not So Subtle Art of Being a Fat Girl by Tess Holliday (Bluestreak Books)
  3. I Fought Like A Girl and I Won! By Nicole Alyse Dorman (Xlibris)
  4. OWN IT: The Power of Woman at Work by Sallie Krawcheck (Crown Business)
  5. Intrinsic Hope by Kate Davies (New Society Publishers)
  6. PTSD to Freedom by Linda Diane Wattley and William Sumner (Linda D. Wattley and William Sumner)
  7. Not A Poster Child by Francine Falk-Allen (She Writes Press)
  8. Eyes on the Prize by Carrie Williams (Carrie Williams)
  9. UNBROKEN: Still I Smile by Tamara Charles (Tamara Charles)
  10. Getting My Bounce Back by Carolee Belkin Walker

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Conversations' 12 Books You Should Read in August 2018

With August 9th being recognized as National Book Lovers Day, Conversations Book Club President Cyrus Webb is excited to share 12 books he believes would be great reads for the month of August.

"Reading is something I do year-round," says Webb, who will celebrate 12 years of Conversations Book Club this November. "I'm always excited to let others know what I have read and enjoyed and what I think they will as well."

A mixture of non-fiction and fiction, self-published and traditionally published, these twelve books were able to grab Webb's attention and it is his hope that they will do the same for you. 

(listed in no particular order)
  1. "Act Like You love Yourself" by Lester Greene (Infinity Publications)
  2. "My Dream Continues" by Sharon Clarkson (S. Clarkson)
  3. "The Forgotten Ones" by Steena Holmes (Lake Union)
  4. "Another Bump in the Road" by TM Brown (TM Brown)
  5. "Blackberry Road" by Jodi Lea Stewart (Sundown Press)
  6. "Blindsided and Ambushed" "From by Lisa Y. Sparrow (BlaqRayn Publishing Plus)
  7. "A War in the Bronx" by A. Shane Etter (Thomas Max Publishing)
  8. "Death Logs Out" by E.J. Simon (Endeavour Media Ltd)
  9. "From Abuse to Abundance" by Dr. Jamila Battle (Battle Publishing)
  10. "The Widow of Wall Street" by Randy Susan Meyers (Washington Square Press)
  11. "Envy" by Victoria Christopher Murray (Touchstone)
  12. "The Unkind Hours" by Dwayne Alexander Smith (Damn Good Books)
For more great suggestions on reads for all ages bookmark www.conversaitonsbookclub.com