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Friday, March 30, 2012

Conversations' 10 Best Poetry Books For 2012

by Cyrus Webb

As someone who appreciates the power of the written word, I am always looking for others who are putting pen to paper and giving the world something great through prose. I might not always agree with what is being said, but I can appreciate the skills and the gift that the author had.

Since April is National Poetry Month Conversations Book Club and Conversations Magazine wanted to present its choiceds for best poetry books to add to your collection this year:

* "Utter Magic" by April Mahoney (A Good Person Publishing)

* "God,Seed" by Rebecca Foust and Lorna Stevens (Tebot Bach Press)

* "BRAGN: Be Real and Great Now" by Zenaida Roy-Almario (BRAGN)

* "Dusting the Glass" by Nancy Kaye Dobson (Xlibris)

* "Nigger For Life" by Neal Hall, M.D. (unknown)

* "Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia" by Patricia Neely-Dorsey (Grant House Publishing)

* "Looking Into Your Voice" by Cathie Borrie (Nightwing Press)

* "Praise Poetry and Propaganda" by Janicfe E. Groves Todd (Unlock Publishing House)

* "REFLECTIONS: Thoughts, Passions, & Truths" by Ya Ya Z. Badasu (Passionate Writer Publishing)

* "While There Is Still Time" by Terrell Dunnum (Tate Publishing)

Want to share your own poetic favorites? Would love to hear about them! Contact me at cawebb4@juno.com. Your choices might be featured in an upcoming blog post or even in Conversations Magazine!

Conversations' 10 Dog-Gone Great Books For Spring

by Cyrus Webb This time of year I am known to focus on books that have themes that are of interest to me and that I believe others will enjoy as well. Not surprisingly I have been reading alot of titles over the past several months that have man's and woman's best friend as its focal point. That's right: this list is going to the dogs!
As you will see this list includes fiction and non-fiction books, giving something for everyone. Make sure to add one or more of them to your own reading list and feel free to let me know what you think. * "Charlie" by Barbara Lampert (Langdon Street Press) * "Mr. Pish's Woodland Adventure" by K. S. Brooks (Cambridge Books) * "The Dog Who Knew Too Much" by Spencer Quinn (Atria Books) * "Your Dog Is Your Mirror" by Kevin Behan (New World Library) * "Miracle Man" by Robert Haas (Bascom Hill) * "All I Know About Management I Learned From My Dog" by Martin P. Levin (Skyhorse Publishing) * "Bad Dog (A Love Story)" by Martin Kihn (Pantheon Books) * "Cujo" by Stephen King (Penguin Books) * "Erik's Hope" by Andrea Chilcote and Sara Burden (Crimson Oak Publishing) * "Goodbye, Friend" by Gary Kowalski (New World Library) Have your own favorite title featuring dogs? I would love to hear about it! Email me at cawebb4@juno.com. It might be featured in an upcoming post or in Conversations Magazine! Happy reading!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Author E. V. Adams Visit To Rankin Co.: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Conversations Book Club wishes to thank author E. V. Adams for allowing it to host a booksigning for her at the Pearl Public Library in Pearl, MS on Sat. March 17, 2012.

Adams' debut novel DARLING NIKKI was published in late February 2012, and already is available around the world in bookstores and online.

Conversations also thanks author Vershern Edwards for supporting the event and a fellow Mississippi author.

You can find additional information about E. V. Adams and her book on her website at www.evadams.com.