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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Forum "HIPHOP: Why the bad Rap?", Thursday, May 29, 2008

Conversations Book Club, in association with its literary partners, is pleased to present the thought-provoking panel discussion "HIPHOP: Why the bad Rap?" This will be held on Thursday, May 29, 2008 beginning at 6p.m. CST at the Richard Wright Library (515 W. McDowell Road) in Jackson, MS.

The public is invited as the following topics are discussed:

What REALLY is Hiphop?
Is there a difference in Hiphop the music versus Hiphop the culture?
Does hiphop's use of the "N" word and the "B" word contribute to its image?
Hiphop's portrayal of women: Helpful or hurtful?

Panelists include rapper Trill of C. O. D. Records, rapper G-Money of Off Da Chain Entertainment, rapper/poet/talk show host Berlinda White, Anthony Williams and Christopher Hackney of www.nwordisout.com, E of Causin' Drama Entertainment, Twa of David Banner's B.I.G. Face Entertainment, Jack Squad, Jackson City Councilman Marshand Crisler, Jackson Avocate Newspaper Asst. Editor Deanna Tisdale and Bestselling authors Dynah Zale (DRAMA IN THE CHURCH and HEAVEN SENT) and Voncele Savage (A LETTER TO MY SISTERS).

Admission is free to the discussion, and light refreshments compliments of Conversations Book Club & the Richard Wright Library will be served.

For more information, call the library 601.372.1621 or book club member Martin Perkins at 601.376.5215 or via email at cawebb4@juno.com.

www.hiphopandbooks.com www.thebestbookclub.info

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Conversations Book Club Founder Goes "Crunk" in June 2008

Conversations Book Club can now confirm that its Founder and President Cyrus A. Webb* will be working with the national urban magazine, CRUNK, in encouraging reading. The two have partnered to create the Crunk Book Club, which will encourage reading of literature of interest to today's urban community.

Beginning with the June/July 2008 issue you will find two book reviews by Webb as well as one interview with one of the authors featured. The partnership between CRUNK and Conversations will also be evident online as there will be live chats scheduled to discuss the featured book of each issue.

"I am glad to be a part of anything that encourages people to get more into books," says Webb,32. "If my referring a book or introducing a new audience to an author they weren't familiar with before, then I have done my job."

* Cyrus A. Webb has been active in the arts since 1996. An award-winning visual and spoken word artist, he is currently the President of the Rankin County Arts Alliane in Mississippi, the Hiphop & Books Coalition and chapters of the nationally recognized Conversations Book Club in Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Tennessee. Webb co-founded the "TRU/Conversations" with TRU Publishing founder Corey "C-Murder" Miller and "For The People Productions" with Stanley Clark. He is a contributing writer for RAWSISTAZ'S "Black Men Reading (or BMR)" section of their website as well as the book reviewer for the Rankin Ledger Newspaper.

For more information about Conversations Book Club or Cyrus A. Webb, visit http://www.thebestbookclub.info or email him at cawebb4@juno.com. To get more information about CRUNK Magazine, visit http://www.myspace.com/crunkmagazine or http://www.crunk-magazine.com.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Book Lover's Day in Pearl, MS: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED

Thank you to all of the authors (Craig Alexander, V. L. Green, Darden North and Voncele Savage) for taking out an hour of their time on Tuesday, April 22, 2008 to talk about the writing process and how they stay encouraged and motivated.

The four of them were at the Pearl Public Library giving timely advice and showing why they are some of Mississippi's best. Author Craig Alexander became the 15th author that Conversations has hosted in 2008, while author Darden North was our 16th! This is an incredible feat for any literary organization, considering last year we only hosted 32!

Special thanks goes out to the Rankin Ledger and the Pearl Library for helping to promote the event.

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

CONVERSATIONS LIVE! Interviews author Thomas Kohnstamm

Join us on Thursday, April 24, 2008 at 6p.m. CST, for a LIVE 30 minute interview with author Thomas Kohnstamm LIVE during "Conversations LIVE!". Hosted by Cyrus A. Webb, listeners can call into the program at 1.712.432.3000 and use the pin 398736 to hear the entire discussion and participate with their own questions!

DO TRAVEL WRITERS GO TO HELL? by author Thomas Kohnstamm hits stores this week, but has already ignited a firestorm in the traveling industry and caused a frenzy among the press.

FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES (April 14, 2008): "Thomas Kohnstamm’s memoir of his time as a travel writer in Brazil, “Do Travel Writers Go to Hell?,” supplies enough salacious details to spice up any news report on the subject: sex, drugs and tips-he-stole. The first two were part of the “colorful adventures” that garnered the book a starred review from Kirkus. The last one is raising credibility questions for Lonely Planet, the publisher of guidebooks that are relied upon by folks looking for a hipper alternative to Fodor’s and Frommer’s.

"By his own admission, Mr. Kohnstamm recommended more locations than he saw while researching a Lonely Planet volume on Brazil. “I found out very quickly I was not able to go to all the places I needed to go to,” he told The Associated Press."

To read what other media outlets have said about the story, visit the links below:
http://news.google.com/news? q=thomas+kohnstamm

You've heard the rumors. Now you can hear it directly from the author. Join us on Thursday, April 24, 2008 at 6p.m. CST (7p.m. EST) for an exclusive you don't want to miss!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bestselling author Tina Brooks McKinney: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Thank you to everyone who made the visit of Bestselling author Tina Brooks McKinney a success this weekend. From Mississippi to Louisiana, we were able to crisscross cities to encourage reading and let fans and newcomers meet the author who has captured our imagination over the past few years.

After a moment of reflection before starting the day, the author, members of Conversations Book Club (including recording artists Trill, G-Money & Tim Steele) and the ladies of "Naked Conversations" hit the road headed to Borders in Metairie, Louisiana.

Joining the discussion in Louisiana were Russell Baker and Recording artist/Bestselling author Corey "C-Murder" Miller, both of TRU Publishing. After taking pictures, Miller couldn't leave the event without purchasing a copy of each of McKinney's titles.

Tina Brooks McKinney were also joined by friends Vanessa Johnson (author of "When Death Comes A Knockin") and editor Lynel Johnson Washington. The two ladies hadn't seen McKinney since 2005 and were glad to sit in on the signing and discussion.

Conversations can't thank Bestselling author Tina Brooks McKinney enough for her kind worsd and willingness to work with us. Her kindness is something we will never forget.

For those who missed it, you can visit Tina online at http://www.myspace.com/tinamckinney.

Conversations reviews MS author Darden North's POINTS OF ORIGIN

This week Conversations Book Club Founder and President, Cyrus A. Webb, reviews Mississippi author Darden North's book POINTS OF ORIGIN
 To read the review of POINTS OF ORIGIN click on (or copy and paste) this link:

On Tuesday, April 22, 2008 you can meet Mississippi authors Darden North, Voncele Savage, Craig Alexander and V. L. Green. at a special meet & greet held at the Pearl Public Library beginning at 6p.m. Admission is free so bring a friend.
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Friday, April 18, 2008

Bestselling author Tina Brooks McKinney, Day 2 (April 18, 2008)

All I can say is what a way to spend a Friday!

Conversations Book Club spent the day taking Bestselling author Tina Brooks McKinney on a day full of firsts for her. First it was off to Copiah County to speak to the student body of the Crystal Springs Elementary School, something that Tina had never done before. Thanks to our book club member---and Principal--- Cheryl Haynes, we were able to walk through the halls of school and then stress the importance of reading to them. Joining us on the trip were recording artists Trill and Tim Steele of C. O. D. Records.

Next it was off to the Wal-Mart on HWY 18 for a booksigning, it proved to be more than any of us bargained for. Not only was it the first Wal-Mart Tina had ever done a signing with, it was hard to keep the book on the table! Much thanks to the staff and management of the store, especially Eddie Robinson who continues to show his support for our commitment to literacy every month.

Our final event of the day was our visit to Richard Wright Library where we were able to donate a copy of one of Tina's books to the library. Thanks to Debra Gilbert for working to make sure that our authors get noticed and feel like home. We appreciate you.

Now that day two is over, it is on to preparing for the 3rd and final day, which will be our book club meeting in Metairie, Louisiana. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the 1p.m. meeting.

That's all for now: Look for the final report tomorrow. http://www.thebestbookclub.info

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bestselling author Tina Brooks McKinney: Day One

Thank you to everyone who made day one with our 14th author of 2008, Bestselling author Tina Brooks McKinney, a success. Just hours after she arrived in Mississippi for her first visit, we had a small meet and greet with her. Included were members of Conversations Book Club, as well as recording artist Kut Supreme, fellow author Sydney Molare and members of the Savvy Book Club.

The conversation was great, and if today was any indicator of what we have to expect the next couple of days, it is going to be quite an exciting weekend.

Hope you all can make it to some of the events. As always: Enjoy your evening. Enjoy your life. Enjoy your world.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Our review of MS author Craig Alexander's THE NINEVEH PROJECT

This week Conversations Book Club Founder and President, Cyrus A. Webb, reviews a book by one of the "Best of Mississippi" honorees of 2007: author Craig Alexander. His book THE NINEVEH PROJECT is a Christian thriller that combines the worlds of fiction and nonfiction to weave an adventure tale that delivers right to the end. (see below)

To read the review of THE NINEVEH PROJECT click on (or copy and paste) this link:

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Conversations reviews Sidney Sheldon's THE OTHER SIDE OF ME

Conversations Book Club Founder and President, Cyrus A. Webb, begins his reviews of April with the man who was one of the literary voices that encouraged him to write in the first place: Bestselling author Sidney Sheldon. His autobiography THE OTHER SIDE OF ME is something that all of us can read and take heart in the fact that though many may count us out, it's not over til it's over.  (see below)
THE OTHER SIDE OF ME was chosen by Conversations Book Club as its BOOK OF THE YEAR 2008. To order your hardcover copy for only $10.00 (taxes included), contact C. A. Webb at cawebb4@juno.com.
To read his review of THE OTHER SIDE OF ME click on (or copy and paste) this link:

Friday, April 4, 2008

Conversations/RAWSISTAZ.com reveal this month's featured authors!

Conversations Book Club, in association with RAWSISTAZ.com is pleased to announce the authors that are being highlighted during the month of April 2008. Since we celebrated Women's History Month with fabulous women who are blazing a new literary path, it was only appropriate to make April our time to show that men are doing their part to educate, entertain and inform as well.
APRIL 2008 SPOTLIGHTS: Bestselling authors Caleb Alexander, Kevin M. Weeks, Tony Lindsay and Rodney Lofton. To read the interviews, visit this link: http://rawsistaz.com/BMR-Conversations.htm
Did you miss any of our exclusive interviews? To read the articles by Conversations Book Club featured by RAWSISTAZ.com from February 2008 and March 2008 click here:
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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Rapper/Author Jacki-O's "Grown & Gangsta" Book Tour cont. April 8-10, 2008

In less than one week TRU Publishing & Conversations Book Club will be once again hosting Rapper/Author Jacki-O as she embarks on her GROWN & GANGSTA book tour.
The success of the debut release of Corey "C-Murder" Miller's TRU Publishing is undeniable as the crowds in Mississippi and Louisiana showed in early March 2008. Jacki-O's story of six friends dealing with coming from nothing to having everything is striking a chord with readers of all backgrounds, fulfilling the purpose that both she and the publisher had in mind. Below are the upcoming dates in Mississippi and Tennessee for April 8-10,2008.
4-6:00p.m. --- Booksigning @ Stax (Official Blockwear), 1021 Ellis Ave, 601.949.8489 (MS)
6:30-7:00p.m. --- Booksigning @ 3 Sons Restaurant, 367 W. Northside Dr., 601.982.7383 (MS)
7-8:00p.m. --- Book discussion @ 3 Sons Restaurant, 367 W. Northside Dr., 601.982.7383 (MS)
12-2:00p.m. --- Booksigning @ Be-Bop Record Shop, 3887 Metro--- 601.969.3181 (MS)
4-6:00p.m. --- Booksigning @ Be-Bop Record Shop, Maywood Mart --- 601.981.5000 (MS)
11-1:00p.m. --- Booksigning @ Borders Book & Music (Memphis, TN)---901.754.0770
4-6:00p.m. --- Booksigning @ New Life Record Shop (Nashville, TN) --- 615.504.9579
To see when Jacki-O will be in YOUR city or to schedule interviews, contact Cyrus A. Webb at cawebb4@juno.com or 601.896.5616.
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