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Monday, September 24, 2018

Conversations' 10 Books 100 Pages Or Less You Should Read in October 2018

Time is our most precious commodity. With everyone having a busy schedule, carving out the time to enjoy a great book might seem almost impossible.

Conversations Book Club founder Cyrus Webb understands the struggle. For this reason he has compiled a list of 10 books that are 100 pages or less that he feels like will give you a satisfying read in a short period of time.

Whether your interest is non-fiction or fiction, self-help or entertainment, there is something on the list sure to capture your attention.

Introducing Conversations' 10 Books 100 Pages or less you should read in October 2018
(listed in no particular order)

  1. UNSUBSCRIBE by Ross Newkirk (Steuben Press)
  2. The Love Triangle by Allen Vaysberg (Human Potential Press)
  3. All About Money by Jeffrey Ulysse (JU Consultants)
  4. DERANGED by Marcus Kimbrough (Xlibris)
  5. Another Bump in the Road by TM Brown (TM Brown)
  6. Live Better with A-to-Z by Olivia McNeal (Olivia McNeal)
  7. Until Tomorrow Comes by LaDonna Marie (LaDonna Marie Books)
  8. Act Like You Love Yourself by Lester Greene (Infinity Publications)
  9. Of Bees & Boys: Lines from a Southern Lawyer by Allen Mendenhall (Red Dirt Press)
  10. I Fought Like a Girl and I Won! by Nicole Alyse Dorman (Xlibris)