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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Conversations Book Club Presents 12 Books for Young Readers

A new school year is here, and Conversations Book Club is excited to share 12 Books for Young Readers that will inspire, entertain and give you something to talk about.

"It's another fun list that has something for everyone," says Cyrus Webb, President of Conversations Book Club and Editor-In-Chief of Conversations Magazine. "I believe that parents as well as educators will find something that they can share with kids and even start some much-needed conversations."

Conversations Book Club Presents 12 Books for Young Readers

  1. That's Me by Donna Marie Leonard (Rosemary Publishing)
  2. The Little Unicorn by Sheri Fink (Whimsical World Books)
  3. Ginger's Neighborhood by I Krystal Smith and Sharon T. L. Jackson (GSP Books)
  4. She Named Me Stacey by Blaque Diamond (Xlibris)
  5. Larry The Alligator Makes Friends by LaDonna Marie (Createspace)
  6. But Mommy It's Not Fair! I Am Not Alone by Sherria L. Elliott (4Elliot Publishing)
  7. Alcohol, Drugs & You by Marc Treitler with Lianna Treitler (DoGood Press)
  8. Summer Camp Fun with Grandson by Lisa W. Beckwith (Shero Publishing)
  9. Almanac 2019 by National Geographic Kids
  10. Magic Thinking for Kids by Marrielle Monte (Seize the Day Publishing)
  11. The Wall: A Timeless Tale by Giancarlo Macri and Carolina Zanotti (Happy Fox Books)
  12. Enemy Child by Andrea Warren (Margaret Ferguson Books)