Saturday, October 13, 2007

"Mississippi should be honored": C-Murder Visit to Mississippi in Oct. 2007: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED

(NOTE: If you missed the commentary on Day one of C-Murder's visit to Mississippi, click here.)

There is no way to truly describe how I feel right now about the history-making event that just occurred in Mississippi this week, but I think the quote in the subject line pretty much sums it up. It doesn't come from me, but from one of the employees at Barnes and Noble where we met on Friday evening to discuss Miller's book DEATH AROUND THE CORNER. Her comment was so profound and so on point that I had to make a point to write it down: "I don't like rap music, but there are a few rapper out there like yourself that I really respect and admire. The fact that you came here of all places is so profound to me. Jackson (Mississippi) should be honored. Barnes and Noble should be honored, and Mississippi should be honored."

In day two of C-Murder's visit to Mississippi, I began the day as I normally do: checking the headlines from the news. On the front page of the Times-Picayune they led with a headline that tried to imply that Miller travelled to Mississippi without permission. (Today---after the events are all over---that was corrected with this headline.) Not to be deterred we began at Pearl High School, talking with students about the power of choices and why it was important to hold fast to your dreams and do your best to be productive in life. This stop was followed up with a meet and greet at Medgar Evers Branch Library where he met with fans, encouraging them to pursue what they loved and try to make a difference.

Wal-Mart on HWY 18 was our next stop, and this was really powerful. Eddie Robinson (store manager) and the other members of management had arrived for lunch for Miller and his crew and then we were in a store for a frenzied meet and greet with customers and fans.

Next it was on to PEG Network (Channel 18 in Jackson) to meet with Ken Stiggers and shoot an exclusive interview that is now available online worldwide.

After the interview we were at Richard Wright Library for an exciting meet and greet with young fans and even some not so young ones, who used the opportunity to socialize with Miller and get pictures and autographs.

Barnes and Noble was our next stop, and over 50 people attended an engaging book discussion led by Conversations Book Club that included the group's questions and comments, thus leading to the quote I mentioned earlier.

Finally we were at Subway in Pearl, MS---home of several programs led by Conversations Book Club. We spent a couple of hours meeting with fans and the final opportunity to show our appreciation for a great visit.

Look for some exciting information to be coming very soon about further events with C-Murder, Death Around the Corner and Conversations Book Club. This includes a movie for the book, and a soundtrack that is already in the works.

Again, thank you all for seeing this visit for what it was: the opportunity to get to know the man behind the book that we all are sure to be talking about for many years to come.


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