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Monday, October 11, 2021

'The Book Guy' Cyrus Webb Relaunches Conversations Book Club for its 15th Anniversary

When media personality and author Cyrus Webb started the co-ed book club Conversations in 2006 with Stanley Clark it was with the purpose of connecting readers with authors, giving them a platform to interact with one another. Over the past 15 years Conversations Book Club has hosted over 400 authors and author-related events and been featured locally in Mississippi’s Clarion Ledger and Jackson Advocate Newspaper and nationally by the Chicago Tribune and others. Men, women and even children of all ages have benefited from the free reading group, and Webb has been able to show that reading is a universal connector with people around the world.

After a hiatus that began in March 2020 due to the pandemic, Webb is excited to announce that the book club is relaunching with both IN-PERSON and VIRTUAL events, continuing Conversations' message of sharing the importance and power of books. 

Look for more book reviews, author interviews and opportunities for readers to chat LIVE with authors. 

CONVERSATIONS: After 15 years STILL feeding your love of life! 

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