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Introducing Cyrus Webb's Amazon Storefront
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

CBC Report: Author Jacqueline Rhinehart 'Takes Ten' with Conversations

When it comes to books that Conversations has read and enjoyed as interactive journeys with the author, in 2008 Jacqueline Rhinehart's* MY ORGANIC SOUL rises to the top of that list. Chosen as one of Conversations Book Club's "25 Best Kept Literary Secrets of 2008", it allows you to enjoy adages that inspire and encourage as well as give you the opportunity to add your own voice to the pages. We talked with the author about the motivation of the book and what she hopes it does for those who share the experience.
Jacqueline, thanks for a taking out a few moments to talk with Conversations LIVE! today. Before we get to your book My Organic Soul, tell us about your business.
Organic Soul Multicultural Marketing is a marketing consultancy . . .I advise companies such as packaged goods/financial / travel industries on ways to connect and market their products to multicultural consumers. My niche is the integration of entertainment elements into traditional marketing practices.

It seems as though you have used your adult life to try and make the lives of others better. Would you agree with that?
My interest has always been the intellectual and cultural condition of man - that's does not provide a clear career trek , but it does imbue my work with a lot of passion and curiosity!

If I had met you 10 years ago, what would be the biggest difference in the Jacqueline Rhinehart then and the one we see today?
Not a lot! Which is not say that I haven't changed... but if you had been a perceptive ,thoughtful friend you would have sensed the woman I would "blossom" into. I liken it to the evolution of a rose - the rose bud is not going to become a sunflower - 4 days into its evolution - it will still be rose ,even when the rose petals turn brown and wither - it will still be a rose. That's what you would have witnessed 10 years ago, the evolution of a rose. Its a change, sure, but not into something else- but a deeper, wiser, more joyous me - the one you knew when you first knew me!
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