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Introducing Cyrus Webb's Amazon Storefront
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Friday, November 28, 2008

Conversations Reviews FRESH FROZEN by Bestselling author Darden North

"One thing I have come to believe with a book penned by author Darden North is that you should expect the unexpected. In Fresh Frozen he pushes the envelope further in his career with a novel that takes us into the most intimate experience a couple could experience together and shows what happens when the gifted hands of man try to replace the all-powerful hands of God.
"Rife with conflicts that cross moral decisions and emotional rollercosters that travel all imaginable feelings, this is one that will be read throughout the South with pride but across the world with respect and enjoyment.

"Fresh Frozen succssfully blurs the line of what is considered right and wrong by some and puts the ability of free will into the hands and hearts of individuals. There is much in the book that can be dissected as to what dialogue the author is trying to encourage with his readers, but one thing is for certain and that is a dialogue will definitely be opened up.

"North's third title was chosen as one of Conversations Book Club's "25 Best Kept Literary Secrets of 2008". Simply put, the book is a job well done from an author that nothing less is expected. Can't wait to read the next chapter in his literary career."
--- Reviwed by Cyrus A. Webb, Conversations Book Club President

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