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Introducing Cyrus Webb's Amazon Storefront
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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Reality Show offers Book Deal, tools for success for aspiring authors

From:      Cyrus A. Webb, President
                Shadow Play Entertainment/ Conversations Book Club
                Zane Bell,
                Innovations Inc.
                (601) 624-8468
Date:        Wednesday, November 26, 2008
Re:          New Reality Show offers Book Deal, tools for success for aspiring authors  _____________________________________________________________________________________________
UPDATE: Shadow Play Entertainment, Innovations, Inc. and their partners in encouraging literacy throughout the United States are pleased to announce a new project that is sure to not only encourage creativity but provide encouragement and assistance to those who are looking to make it in the world of publishing. Introducing "The Write Stuff" ( , a new reality show designed to assist individuals in their quest to better understand how to get their work recognized as well as network with those who have made it in the industry.
Created by Cyrus A. Webb (Shadow Play Entertainment/Conversations Book Club) and Zane Bell (Innovations, Inc.), the show will take fourteen (14) contestants who have drive, ambition and the willingness to succeed through 12 weeks of challenges that will prepare them for the competitive literary world that they want to be a part of. Whether their desire is to be the next big thing in literature. 
During the interview process, "The Write Stuff" will put the contestants in the faces of those who can make it happen and give them the tools they need to be successful. At stake is the ultimate prize for anyone who wants to make their mark on the industry: a ONE-BOOK DEAL with Hollygrove Publishing, features in magazines and online publications across the country, two years of representation by Shadow Play Entertainment and the recognition of having "The Write Stuff".
Explaining why Hollygrove Publishing wanted to participate in such a major way with this groundbreaking literary endeavor, President Brian W. Smith said this: "This writing business is extremely difficult to break into if you aren't already a celebrity. A program like "The Write Stuff" is long overdue - it gives aspiring authors a chance to be discovered and it promotes literacy, all while entertaining the public...I jumped at a chance to be a part of this." Also onboard is renowned producer/engineer Allen R of Ritdaman Productions. Having worked with the likes of Jadakiss, DMX and Mary J. Blige, Allen is taking the lead on the production of the music built around The Write Stuff.
Initially airing in Houston (TX), Atlanta (GA) and Jackson (MS) on CW channels, all espisodes will air weekly online on The Write Stuff TV channel on Youtube at As new markets open, previous episodes will be re-aired with the finale airing simultaneously.
There is no doubt that this project will be one for the record books, getting national attention as well as helping many to make a name for themselves. Affordable advertising and sponsorships to be recognized during the show, as part of the product placement in the tapings and on the website are also available. Find all the information at
Have questions about the process, interested in advertising, cross-promotion, trade-out opportunities or want to see how you can be involved? Contact Cyrus A. Webb at or Zane Bell at 601.624.8468.

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