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Introducing Cyrus Webb's Amazon Storefront
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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

TAKE TEN: Bestselling author Elaine Flowers talks with Conversations

Conversations talked with author Elaine Flowers as she was promoting her second book ITS MORNING, a collection of stories with rich characters that readers will love to discover and discuss as well as empathize with. The book was chosen as one of Conversations "25 Best Kept Literary Secrets of 2008", and during the interview she talked about her return to the literary world and how she feels about the response of the new project. Here is our conversation.
Elaine, thank you for taking out time out of your busy schedule to talk with Conversations Magazine! Before we get into your new book IT'S MORNING, begin by tell our readers a little bit about who Elaine Flowers is.
Although this is my second book, I'm still a new author on the scene. I am a divorced mother of two adult children. A full time writer and lover of everything literary.

When you were growing up, did those around you have any idea that you would take the path that you have and become an accomplished author?
No, in fact when I wrote my first book "Black Beauty" no one in my family even knew I was writing a book and they were shocked when I told them I planned to publish it. It took me five years to finish it and I didn't want the pressure of them asking me when the book would be finished, so I kept it to myself and wrote late at night and sometimes between clients at the salon. My family had no idea that I had any interest in writing professionally. But they have been very supportive and excited about my work. I have met other grassroots authors who say they don't have the support of family and close friends so I don't' take that for granted.

One of the things I like to do when I am preparing for these interviews is research my guests so I can best serve our audience. You seem to have taken a hiatus from the literary industry before resurfacing this year with the new book. Tell our readers about your first book and why you took the break.
My first book is my baby. "Black Beauty" is about three women and two of them work in a beauty salon named Black Beauty. When I independently published the first book I had to come out of writer mode and wear many different hats as a publisher. For me, and I'm not speaking for any other author out there who published their own work, but that took me away from the practice of writing. There is a certain element that I need to create in and I just don't do my best work when I am running around and being overly interactive with people, as you have to do when you are busy with the business of publishing and promoting. Although "It's Morning" was written before "Black Beauty" was even published there were a couple of other books that I was working on during that time off as well as searching for a publisher.

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